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50 Best Engineering Projects for Final Year Students

50 Best Engineering Projects for Final Year Students

In this post we sort out a list of most popular, 50 hand-picked and best engineering circuit projects specially created for all aspiring engineers for their final year project exhibition. The circuit projects include the latest and advanced microprocessor Arduino based designs with full program code. The list also includes projects using discrete parts which have high objective significance

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Interfacing DHTxx Temperature Humidity Sensor with Arduino

In the following paragraphs we're going to have a look at DHTxx series sensors, which is often used for measuring temperatures and humidity, both features are built-into a single module.

Smart Automatic ON/OFF Switch Using Arduino

In this post we intend to develop an intelligent automatic ON/OFF switch using Arduino, which could switch on or off devices auto-magically by detecting the existence of human being locally using ultrasonic strategy.

Ultrasonic Distance Meter Circuit Using Arduino and 16×2 LCD

In this posting we will develop an ultrasonic distance meter circuit using Arduino and 16×2 LCD. We are additionally find exactly what an ultrasonic module is, how it functions and just how it could be accustomed to calculate distance.

Home Security Circuit Using Arduino

Within this post we're going to find out how to develop a home security system circuit applying arduino which could safeguard your house from burglars some day. Housebreaking takes place just about every few seconds worldwide.

Digital Clock Circuit Using Arduino and 16×2 LCD Display

Here we learn how to make a simple digital clock using Arduino and a 16 x 2 LCD display, which can be built by any new engineering student for displaying to his colleagues or even for portraying science exhibitions

Make Arduino on Breadboard

On this page we will figure out how to create an arduino on a breadboard. We are also going to discover exactly what is an arduino, the way to program this and the best way to assemble them as standalone microcontroller over a breadboard or PCB.

Foolproof IR Remote Control Circuit Using Arduino

In this article we intend to build an easy to customize IR (infrared) based wireless remote control switch, which includes IR remote and also a receiver, you could possibly improve based on your preferences. During the later portion of the article we understand an enhanced foolproof version of an IR remote control

Arduino Digital Clock Using RTC Module

This post explains how to construct a digital clock using RTC or Real Time Clock module. We will make an to understand what an “RTC” module is designed for, and how one could interface the module with Arduino and its functioning.

7 Segment Digital Clock Circuit Using Arduino

In this post we are going to construct a digital clock using 7 segment LED display with Arduino controlled design. The proposed 7 segment clock circuit is inexpensive and even beginner in Arduino can accomplish it with ease. This clock consists of four 7 segment displays, two for […]

LED Room Thermometer Circuit using Arduino

In this article, we will try to understand an Arduino based LED room thermometer circuit for displaying the temperature measurement through doted/bar LEDs. This project could be used for applications where ambient temperature is supposed to cause a crucial effect over a target or simply this could just one of your another fun project.

Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuit using Arduino

The following article will help you to construct a simple automatic temperature regulator circuit which can be used for switching on your ceiling fan or any other preferred electrical gadgets connected to it, when the ambient temperature reaches or crosses a preset threshold level.

Digital Temperature, Humidity Meter Using Arduino

In one of our earlier articles, we learned a simple method to interface temperature humidity sensor with arduino and read out displayed on serial monitor of arduino IDE. Here let's understand how to display the reading on a 16×2 LCD display for the proposed digital temperature/humidity meter.

GSM Fire SMS Alert Circuit using Arduino

Within this post we will try to construct a GSM fire alert circuit system using Arduino and DHT11 sensor, which will alert the owner by sending text message (SMS), regarding a fire hazard within the premise where it is installed.

How to Send SMS Using GSM Modem and Arduino

In this article we will see, how we can send SMS using GSM modem controlled with an Arduino circuit. We will try to learn see about GSM modem, how it may be interfaced with Arduino, how to send SMS using this setup.

How to Receive SMS Using GSM Modem and Arduino

In this post we will elaborately learn how to receive SMS using GSM modem, and Arduino. In one the previous post we understood how to send a text message using GSM modem and also discussed the basics the GSM modem.

Password Security Lock Circuit Using Arduino and 4×4 Keypad

In this post we will try to construct a password security lock circuit, which will be accept and open by a 6-digit password. Precisely speaking it is alpha numeric password and will require a 4×4 keypad, consisting of 0 to 9 decimal values, two special character

How to Interface 4×4 Keypad with Arduino

In this article we will investigate how to interface a 4×4 keypad with Arduino. We will learn what is a keypad, how it may be built and a learn to program the Arduino for accepting keystrokes through the keypad and print them in serial monitor.

Simple Calculator Circuit Using Arduino

In the following paragraphs, we're going to develop a calculator employing Arduino, which could carry out significantly intricate arithmetical calculation compared to an ordinary calculator. The sentenza of this write-up is not really to produce a calculator using Arduino, rather to highlight the arithmetical convenience of Arduino, that executes a variety of complex data interpretations and calculations

Make this RFID Circuit using Arduino

In this post we're going to have a look at RFID circuit technology. We will be investigating just how RFID tags and readers operate, the way to interface RFID module (RC522) together with Arduino and draw out many helpful data from the RFID tags.

Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit using Arduino

In the following paragraphs we intend to examine, what is a Barometer and how to integrate a barometric BMP180 sensor with Arduino. We shall likewise investigate a few of its crucial specification and lastly we will figure out how to anticipate weather conditions employing barometric readings.

How to Make LED Air Pollution Meter Circuit

In this particular assignment we intend to build an air pollution meter applying MQ-135 sensor and arduino. The pollution grade in the surroundings will be displayed by group of 12 LED. The number of LED glowing gives proportionately higher degree of pollution level and vice versa

LPG Leakage SMS Alert Circuit using Arduino and MQ-135

In this article let us develop an GSM based LPG leakage SMS alert circuit working with Arduino, which will forewarn the beneficiary through SMS and encircling folks through buzzer beep, whenever LPG gas tends to leak out from an LPG cylinder or leaks as a result of badly shut valve.

How to Make a DC Voltmeter using Arduino

On this page, we're going to build a DC voltmeter using Arduino in which the readings are viewed in 16×2 LCD. The recommended voltmeter layout is designed to read through as much as 30V with tolerance of +/- 0.5 volt. We intend to observe how this particular setup performs and check out additional options

MQ-135 Air Quality Sensor with Arduino

Here we will discover how to attach an air quality sensor MQ-135 with Arduino. We will learn the summary of the sensor and develop a nice little project specially dedicated to engineers that will detecting LPG gas leakage and find out several pertinent readings in serial monitor.

GSM Pump Motor Controller Circuit using Arduino

In this posting let us develop a helpful GSM pump motor controller circuit for the farmers which can switch on and off the irrigation water system distantly from around the globe through cellphone SMS and revert you with an acknowledgement message in your cellphone.

SMS Based Laser Security Circuit using Arduino

Around this post, we are going to discuss methods to construct a laser security circuit that will send out SMS alert to the holder of the property or the concerned consumer and switch on obnoxious alarm to discourage the criminal, which is often interfaced via relay.

Simple Arduino Digital Ohmmeter Circuit

Throughout this post we will be constructing a simple digital ohmmeter circuit using Arduino and 16×2 LCD display. We are going to additionally be studying the various other achievable circuit ideas using the very same theory.

Battery Level Indicator Circuit using Arduino

Inside this post, we will discuss how to set up a battery level indicator using Arduino, in which a group of 6 LEDs demonstrate level of the battery. In case you are considering keeping track of repairs and maintenance of your 12V battery, this circuit may possibly turn out to be useful.

Battery Over Discharge Protection Circuit Using Arduino

On this page, we're going to create an over discharge protection circuit for 12v battery using Arduino which could safeguard 12V SLA battery against over discharge, as well as safeguard the attached load from rising voltage if an overcharged battery is accidentally hooked up.

RFID Security Lock Circuit using Arduino

In the following paragraphs we will find out how an Arduino based RFID reader circuit could possibly be intended for controlling a relay, that in turn may be utilized for controlling security door lock applications.

Automatic Street Light Dimmer using Arduino

On this page we intend to construct an Arduino automatic street light dimmer circuit, that may cut down its brightness or intensity of the lamp when no automobile may be passing within the road in order to save power.

LED Strip Light Controller Using Arduino

From this post you are going to learn how to construct LED strip controller circuit applying Arduino, that may turn ON/OFF and decrease/increase illumination levels of LEDs using ordinary IR (Infrared) remote. Do you know what is LED Strip Light? If you are not knowledgeable about LED strip lights, we will elaborately understand what it is

How to Interface Servo motors with Arduino

Here you will be able to learn exactly what servo motor is, exactly how it works, how you can interface with microcontroller and exactly what make this motor unique compared to other motors.

Simple Arduino Modified Sine Wave Inverter Circuit

Inside this post we intend to develop a modified sine wave inverter using Arduino. We are going to check out the strategy of the suggested sine wave inverter and eventually, we are going to have a look at lab-created output of this inverter.

How to Interface Accelerometer ADXL335 with Arduino

Throughout this article, we plan to find how to use an accelerometer with arduino and acquire valuable readings, that will probably be printed on serial monitor of IDE. We will furthermore be discovering briefly how accelerometer performs and its applications ranges.

IC 555 Inverter with Arduino Hi/Low Battery Shutdown Circuit

In this inverter design we make use of a 4017 decade counter and a ne555 timer Ic to crank out a sinewave pwm signal for the inverter and an Arduino based automatic high/low battery cut-off with alarm.

Frequency Meter Circuit Using Arduino and 16×2 Display

Within this informative article we intend to build a digital frequency meter using Arduino whose readings is going to be exhibited on a 16×2 LCD display and will possess a computing range from 35 Hz to 1MHz.

Arduino Pure Sine Wave Inverter Circuit

This article describes a simple pure sine wave inverter circuit using Arduino, which may be enhanced to accomplish any desired power output in accordance with the user’s inclination

Arduino SPWM Generator Circuit

In this post we figure out how to crank out sine wave pulse-width-modulation or SPWM through Arduino, which may be utilized for setting up a pure sine wave inverter circuit or comparable gadgets.

How to Interface Cellphone Display with Arduino

Through this posting we will be finding out how to interface Nokia 5110 display with arduino microcontroller and how to exhibit a few text, we are going to additionally learn to develop a simple digital clock and ultimately we will be checking out graphical features of the Nokia 5110 display.

Automatic Stopwatch Circuit for Runners

Through this article we're going to build a stopwatch which automatically starts a timer once the runner has started of running and the timer stop as soon as the runner touches the finish point. The elapsed time between starting and ending point becomes viewable on a 16 x 2 LCD.

Mini Weather Station Using Arduino

In this post we will develop an appealing Arduino based mini weather station project, which could demonstrate ambient temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality plus much more info from your environment, and could be implemented to anticipate weather in homes.

This concludes our list of projects for final year students. More such interesting circuit projects will be updated as more articles are published in this website. If you have any related questions, please feel free to ask them through the below given comment box.


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