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LM317, LM338, LM396 Calculator

This LM317, LM338 calculator software is used as a tool to determine the value of the voltage adjusting resistor needed to assign the output of an LM317 to an allocated degree. Normally R1 is 220 ohms or 240 ohms, however it could very well be a different value for instance 150 or 470 ohms. Go with a value for R2 and click the "Calculate" button. The LM317 output value is displayed in volts. Take into account that the input voltage to the LM317 is required to be a minimum of 1.5v higher than the output voltage.


The LM317 IC is a variable three-terminal positive-voltage regulator equipped of delivering as much as 1.5 A
over an output-voltage range of 1.25 V to 37 V. It takes just two or three secondary resistors to determine the output voltage.

The unit presents a consistent line regulation of 0.01% and standard load regulation of 0.1%. It possesses current
controlling, thermal overload shielding, and safe operating area security. Overload protection continues to be operational regardless if the ADJUST terminal is cut off.

The LM317 device is adaptable in its applications, having advantages in programmable output control and localized oncard protocols. Or, by combining a fixed resistor between the ADJUST and OUTPUT terminals, the LM317 IC is able to work as a accurate current regulator. An alternative output capacitor may be placed in improve transient response.

The ADJUST terminal could be bypassed to produce excellent ripple-rejection levels, that happen to be challenging to attain with regular three-terminal regulators.

Calculate LM317 Resistor Values

R1 resistor

R2 resistor

Output Voltage

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