IC 555 Pinouts, Astable, Monostable, Bistable Modes Explored

The post explains the basic pinout details of the timer IC 555, and how to configure the IC in its standard or popular astable, bistable, and monostable circuit modes. The post also details the various formulas for calculating the IC 555 parameters. By Girish Radhakrishnan Our hobby world would be less interesting without IC555. It … Read more

40A Diode with Reverse and Overvoltage Protection

In this post we study an outstanding high current diode which features not only an in-built reverse current protection but also an overvoltage protection for safeguarding sensitive electronic circuits against back emfs, transients and load dump occurrences. The device RBO40-40G/T from STMicroelectronics comes in a TO-220 package and looks quite like a power transistor, however … Read more

Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit Part 2

In the previous article we learned the working of sensorless BLDC motors, and also investigated the circuit diagram of a typical sensorless BLDC motor driver circuit module. In this article we’ll carry forward the discussion and learn the pinout details of the main driver chip DRV10963 employed in the circuit. The following image shows the … Read more

Alarm Signal Generator IC ZSD100 Datasheet, Application Circuits

The ZSD100 is an alarm frequency generator IC which incorporates a frequency swept alarm signal generator designed solely for fixed and vehicle protection alarm systems. Circuit Description For acquiring the specified alarm sound from this IC, just a single ZSD100, two timing capacitors, an in-expensive TO92 darlington, piezo transducer and coupling transformer is everything that … Read more