Intruder Position Indicator Security Circuit

The post explains an LED based intruder position indicator circuit which will indicate the position of the burglar throughout the secured corridor as the person tries to sneak past the area.The idea was requested by Mr. Michael. The Request Good morning sir,your articles are nice,well done.sir can this, close and open door security circuit be … Read more

Material Storage Level Controller Circuit

The post discusses a simple material storage level controller circuit which can be used for automatically activating and deactivating a storage filling motor whenever the storage container is filled to its stipulated threshold level. The idea was requested by Mr Sladjan. The Request Hi Mr Majumdar,I need help with the engine control filling storage where … Read more

Battery Backup Time Indicator Circuit

The post explains a battery backup time indicator circuit for monitoring the battery power usage by the connected load and for estimating the approximate remaining backup time of the battery. The idea was requested by Mr. Mehran Manzoor. The Circuit Request Hello sir, i want a circuit which shows remaining time of backup of my … Read more