Phase Shift Oscillators – Wien-Bridge, Buffered, Quadrature, Bubba

In the previous post we learned about the critical considerations required while designing an op-amp based phase shift oscillator. In this post we will take it further ahead and know more regarding the types of phase shift oscillators and how to calculate the involved parameters through formulas. Wien-bridge circuit The below given diagram shows the … Read morePhase Shift Oscillators – Wien-Bridge, Buffered, Quadrature, Bubba

Designing Op amp Oscillators

In this post we learn how to design opamp based oscillators, and regarding the many critical factors required for generating a stable oscillator design. Op amp based oscillators are normally used to generate precise, periodic waveforms like square, sawtooth, triangular, and sinusoidal. Generally they operate using a single active device, or a lamp, or a … Read moreDesigning Op amp Oscillators

How to Troubleshoot Transistor (BJT) Circuits Correctly

BJT troubleshooting techniques is a huge topic and therefore including 100 % solutions and strategies can be perhaps difficult within a single article. Basically, the user should know about a handful of fundamental moves and measurements which may enable him to spotlight the location of the problem and help recognize the remedy. Quite certainly, the … Read moreHow to Troubleshoot Transistor (BJT) Circuits Correctly

BJT Common Collector Configuration

In our previous articles we have learned the other two transistor configurations, namely the common-base and the common-emitter. In this article we discuss the third and the final design which is called the common-collector configuration. The image of this configuration is shown below using the standard current flow directions and voltage notations: Why Common Collector … Read moreBJT Common Collector Configuration

Arduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

Arduino 3 phase driver

In this post we learn how to make a simple microprocessor Arduino based 3 phase inverter circuit which could be upgraded as per user preference for operating a given 3 phase load. We have already studied an effective yet simple 3 phase inverter circuit in one of our earlier posts which relied on opamps for … Read moreArduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

Loud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

pistol sound

A pistol sound generator circuit presented here can be used as button operated starting sound during racing events or marathons, or simply to deter wild animals and thieves in remote areas. The concept could be also effectively applied in festivals such as Diwali for creating loud artificial bursting cracker sound (noise pollution is bad for … Read moreLoud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

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