Best small power inverter circuits from 50 watt to 5000 watts.

Get 220V AC or 120V AC from any lead acid battery rated from 12V to 48V with appropriate Ah rating.

Battery Charger

Automatic Battery charger circuits for all types of batteries.

Constant current, constant voltage, high and low voltage automatic cut-off, Fully adjustable and cutomizable.


Learn how to integrate solar panels with battery chargers and inverters.

Find many windmill generator circuits.

Convert sea, sun, wind into energy.

LED Projects

LED drivers are very popular nowadays.

These items can be built using SMPS or switch mode technology, and also using the crude capacitive power supply.


Here you will find the most advanced and useful Arduino engineering circuit projects with full programming code.

Complete basic programming tutorial.


Best industrial 3 phase based circuits. Controlling lathe machine and timer based machine control.

Sensor and timer based industrial control

Power Supply

Learn how to build power supply circuits from the scratch.

Using transformers and also usings capacitors without transformers, and, ferrite based SMPS.

Power Amplifiers

High fidelity amplifier circuits with easy to build instructions.

Transistor and IC based smallest amplifier with outstanding sound quality.

100 watt to 100 watt range with PCB design.

Free Energy

Free energy devices are enticing. Do they really work?

How could the earlier scientists like Tesla, De Palma succeed in making these devices?

Also learn how to design your own free energy motors!

Water Control

Every house and building has an overhead tank, submersible tank.

Sometime both are present. Learn to make simple water level controllers for these tanks.

More Circuits

Mini Projects
IC 555
Power Supply
Voltage Regulators
IC 4017
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