BJT Common Collector Configuration

In our previous articles we have learned the other two transistor configurations, namely the common-base and the common-emitter. In this article we discuss the third and the final design which is called the common-collector configuration. The image of this configuration is shown below using the standard current flow directions and voltage notations: Why Common Collector … Read moreBJT Common Collector Configuration

Arduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

3 phase square wave image

In this post we learn how to make a simple microprocessor Arduino based 3 phase inverter circuit which could be upgraded as per user preference for operating a given 3 phase load. We have already studied an effective yet simple 3 phase inverter circuit in one of our earlier posts which relied on opamps for … Read moreArduino 3 Phase Inverter Circuit with Code

Loud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

pistol sound simulator circuit

A pistol sound generator circuit presented here can be used as button operated starting sound during racing events or marathons, or simply to deter wild animals and thieves in remote areas. The concept could be also effectively applied in festivals such as Diwali for creating loud artificial bursting cracker sound (noise pollution is bad for … Read moreLoud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

How to Calculate and Optimize Modified Sine Waveform

modified AC calculations

I am sure you might have often wondered how to accomplish the correct way of optimizing and calculating a modified square wave such that it produced almost an identical replication of a sine wave when used in an inverter application. The calculations discussed in this article will help you to learn the technique through which … Read moreHow to Calculate and Optimize Modified Sine Waveform

How Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) Work

In this post we will elaborately discuss the working and the internal construction of a cathode ray oscilloscope. We will also learn how to use a CRO using the various controls and understand the graphical representations of the various input signals on the display screen of the scope. Introduction We know that majority of the … Read moreHow Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) Work