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Power Factor (PF) Calculator

Power Factor Calculator

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Power Factor

The presented calculation is conducted using the basic formula PF=P/S, where P - watts, S=V×I - volt-amperes.

Having said that, a 3-PH circuit demands an added clarification.

Typically, we must add together "P" and "S" values coming from all phases, where SPH=VPH×IPH.

Precisely what needlessly complicate things is the fact that Wye setup is normally seen by its line-to-line voltage, which can be VL-L= √3×VPH.

Alternatively, with regard to delta we normally recognize line current, that is ILINE=√3×Iph.

Thankfully, for well balanced loads in either cases the whole apparent power could be referred to by the very same equation:
S=3×Vph×Iph=√3×VL-L×IL .

For that reason in order to avoid misunderstandings and to work with a well-known technique, for 3ph configuration our software employs line voltages and currents: that is certainly what you must enter into specific fields (boxes) pertaining to RMS volts and amps.

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