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Ohm’s Law Calculator

Calculate circuit parameters using Ohm's Law

Enter any two known values and press "Calculate" to solve for the others.

4 thoughts on “Ohm’s Law Calculator”

  1. Need to make variable DC power supply 0 -100 v current 2 amps. With coarce snd fine addjustments for voltage with 3 1/2 digit meters for both volt and current

  2. Hi Swatagam, could you please explain to me in detail the formula, resistance in parallel. I understand how to calculate for two resistors in parallel but don’t know how to calculate for more then two, beyond many textbooks just stating the formula as 1\R1+ R2+R3+R4…. Please detail this concept of reciprocals. P.s. I’m a hobbyist.
    Thank you very much for caring and sharing such a wonderful site. P.s. I’m a hobbyist.

    • Thank you moboy, It is actually very basic, here’s the formula for calculating resistors in parallel:

      1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3….1/Rn

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