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Using Microwave Oven Parts to build a Soldering Iron Heat Controller

Typical microwave wiring diagram

In this post we learn how to scavenge discarded microwave oven parts for making a useful soldering iron heat controller circuit which can then be used for maintaining controlled heat over a connected soldering iron tip ensuring safe soldering operations, that may be quite crucial and handy if you are working with SMD parts. By … Read moreUsing Microwave Oven Parts to build a Soldering Iron Heat Controller

Induction Heater for Labs and Shops

The post explains how to make small homemade induction heater circuit for laboratories and shops for carrying out small scale heating jobs such as melting ornaments, or boiling small quantity of liquids using electricity or battery The idea was requested by Mr. Suni and Mr. naeem Circuit Objectives and Requirements Our challenge is to make … Read moreInduction Heater for Labs and Shops

How to Design an Induction Heater Circuit

The article explains a step by step tutorial regarding designing your own homemade basic induction heater circuit, which can be also used as an induction cooktop. Basic Induction Heater Concept You might have come across many DIY induction heater circuits online but nobody seem to have addressed the crucial secret behind implementing a perfect and … Read moreHow to Design an Induction Heater Circuit

Free Energy from Induction Cooktop

The idea of acquiring free energy from induction cookwares using an external bifilar coil was suggested by one of the keen enthusiasts and a regular visitor of this blog. Let’s learn more regarding the details of this interesting free energy device, as explained by the author himself. WARNING: THIS CONCEPT ATTEMPTS TO VIOLATE THE “LAW … Read moreFree Energy from Induction Cooktop

2 Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuits

In this article we are going to construct a couple of simple Arduino based automatic temperature controller circuits which will switch ON a fan or any other gadgets connected to it, when the ambient temperature reaches a pre-determined threshold level. We are going to utilize DHT11 sensor and arduino for this project. By: Arduino Guru … Read more2 Automatic Temperature Regulator Circuits

Kiln Temperature Controller Circuit

A programmable sequential timer along with a triac dimmer is configured for making this kiln temperature controller circuit, further details are explained in the following article. The idea was requested by Mr. Joe. 220V Kiln Controller with Timer I’m hoping you have some time to have a crack at a design I’m after. I’ve been … Read moreKiln Temperature Controller Circuit

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