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Bug Detector Circuit – RF Sniffer Circuit

A bug detector is a device that detects hidden wireless electronic devices such as wireless microphones, spy cameras, Wi-Fi devices, GPS trackers or any gadget that emits some kind of radio frequency (RF). The proposed design can be specifically used as: Wi-Fi Signal Detector Circuit FM Transmitter Signal Detector Circuit Wi-Fi Spy Camera Detector Circuit … Read moreBug Detector Circuit – RF Sniffer Circuit

2 Simple Bidirectional Motor Controller Circuits Explored

The first article below discusses a Full bridge or H bridge based Bidirectional motor controller circuit using the 4 opamps from the IC LM324. In the second artilce we learn about a high torque bidirectional motor controller circuit using IC 556 Introduction Generally, mechanical switches are accustomed to adjust the direction of rotation of a … Read more2 Simple Bidirectional Motor Controller Circuits Explored

Alcohol Detector Meter Circuit using MQ-3 Sensor Module

MQ-3 sensor LM393 comparator circuit

The simple alcohol detector circuit discussed here will accurately sense the emanation of alcohol gas from a selected source, such as from the mouth of a drunkard, when used as a breathalyzer. It’s cheap and a useful device which can be used by all authorized personnel such as a cops or traffic police for nabbing drunken … Read moreAlcohol Detector Meter Circuit using MQ-3 Sensor Module

Wireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

music light effect

This simple circuit will create dazzling LED light effect by detecting any music frequency in the atmosphere and by illuminating a 10 LED bar graph meter, indicating the level of music. The proposed circuit is suitable for applications where music and entertainment are involved, such as in parties, festivals, get to togethers etc. Since the … Read moreWireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

Pressure Cooker Whistle Counter Circuit

This circuit is designed to sense the whistles from a pressure cooker and count the number over a digital display. The system relieves the user from the stress of constantly monitoring the cooker and from manually counting the whistles. The idea was requested by Mr. P.K. Bajpai Design Concept In many of the Asian countries … Read morePressure Cooker Whistle Counter Circuit

3 Simple DC Motor Speed Controller Circuits Explained

3 easy to build speed controller circuits for DC motors are presented here, one using Mosfet IRF540, second using IC 555 and the third concept with IC 556 featuring torque processing. Design#1: Mosfet based DC Motor Speed Controller A very cool and easy DC motor speed controller circuit could be build using a just a … Read more3 Simple DC Motor Speed Controller Circuits Explained

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