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How to Understand IC 4017 Pinouts

The IC 4017 can be considered as one of the most useful and versatile chip having numerous electronic circuit applications. About IC 4017 Technically it is called the Johnsons 10 stage decade counter divider. The name suggest two things, it’s something to do with number 10 and counting/dividing. The number 10 is connected with the … Read moreHow to Understand IC 4017 Pinouts

Sequential LED Array Light Circuit Using IC 4017 Explained

The article describes how to make a sequential LED array light circuit with an sequentially illuminating LED forming a bar graph kind of LED formation. Introduction The article describes a simple method of making an incremental LED light using the IC 4017, which is rather equipped with specifications not suiting the present functions. Let’s learn … Read moreSequential LED Array Light Circuit Using IC 4017 Explained

Videos – Circuit Test Results

 3:22 How to Test a Mosfet with a Multimeter 6 views 6 hours ago  0:48 Simple Arduino Siren Circuit 6 views 1 day ago  1:25 Simple Laser Remote Control Circuit 30 views 1 day ago  1:13 Simple Mosfet Timer Delay Circuit 15 views 1 day ago  2:05 Simple Continuity Tester using Transistors 7 views 1 … Read moreVideos – Circuit Test Results

UP DOWN Logic Sequence Controller Circuit

Using a set of latch/reset networks it becomes possible to allow a logic to move in a forward sequence, switching ON a given set of outputs HIGH, in response to an alternating input clock. And once the max limit is reached, the input clocks begin shutting down or withdrawing the sequence in the opposite order. … Read moreUP DOWN Logic Sequence Controller Circuit

Understanding Amplifier Circuits

In general, an amplifier can be defined as a circuit designed to boost an applied low power input signal into a high power output signal, as per the specified rating of the components. Although, the basic function remains the same, amplifiers could be classified into different categories depending on their design and configurations. Circuits for … Read moreUnderstanding Amplifier Circuits

4 Tested Clap Switch Circuits

Want to build a simple clap switch circuit that will toggle any load in response to your claps? The article is presented exactly for this purpose. Here we discuss 4 unique and simple designs which can be selected as per user preference. Overview The article talks about what the title suggests – a clap switch. … Read more4 Tested Clap Switch Circuits

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