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  1. pete says

    I am looking at making a circuit that will be off for 30 seconds then on for 10 minutes when power is applied to the circuit

  2. rami says

    hello sir
    iam sorry for language
    but i need timer used for home
    off about 20 minute and on about 1 minute and repeat it

  3. Dare Diamond says

    I need a 555 Pulse Generator Circuit with independent dynamics in both frequency and duty cycle i.e as I adjust the potentiometer one, it must not affect the other. Also the duty cycle should be from 0% to 100%.

    Could you please help me with one?

  4. Rizwan says

    Swag sir…
    How i find the 1000uF capacitor with 25V ?

  5. A. K. GOEL says

    I want to make a low high cut out circuit using relays for 12 v0lt car battery using IC or Transistor

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