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MOSFET (Depletion-Type)

Two main types of FETs that presently exist are: JFETs and MOSFETs. MOSFETs can be further classified into depletion type and enhancement type. Both these types define the fundamental mode of operation of MOSFETs, while the term MOSFET itself is the abbreviation of metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect transistor. Due to the fact that the two types have different … Read moreMOSFET (Depletion-Type)

How to Repair Mosquito Swatter Bats

This post provides some general tips regarding how to repair a mosquito swatter bat or racket, through quick steps. Mosquito rackets today have become an indispensable tool in every house, simply because it not only provides us with an effective way of terminating mosquito, the process also creates a sense of fun and satisfaction. However … Read moreHow to Repair Mosquito Swatter Bats

Build this Open Baffle Hi-Fi Loudspeaker System with Crossover Network

The open baffle hi-fi, high quality speaker design introduced here provides a substitute to the common loudspeaker housing. Its sound emission pattern resembles electrostatic pattern. It works without enclosure or housing for the woofers, although employs normal dynamics for the drive units. The reproduction provides extremely ‘spacious’ impact on the ears. Design Considerations Electrical energy … Read moreBuild this Open Baffle Hi-Fi Loudspeaker System with Crossover Network

2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

In this post we comprehensively discuss the pinout function, electrical specications, and application designs for the power transistor 2N3055. If you are an electronic hobbyist, you might have certainly used this very useful, and efficient power transistor at least once in your experiments. I have used 2N3055 transistor many number of times in many of … Read more2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

Field-Effect Transistors (FET)

The field-effect transistor (FET) is an electronic device in which an electric field is used to regulate the flow of current. To implement this a potential difference is applied across the gate and source terminals of the device, which alters the conductivity between the drain and source terminals causing a controlled current to flow across … Read moreField-Effect Transistors (FET)

5 Hi-Fi 40 Watt Amplifier Circuits Explored

In this post we will talk about 5 outstanding, easy to build, low distortion Hi-Fi 40 watt amplifier circuits that can be further upgraded to higher wattage through some minor tweaks. This article was contributed to me through email by a dedicated follower Although you may find several hybrid output modules available, hardly any of … Read more5 Hi-Fi 40 Watt Amplifier Circuits Explored

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