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Wireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

music light effect

This simple circuit will create dazzling LED light effect by detecting any music frequency in the atmosphere and by illuminating a 10 LED bar graph meter, indicating the level of music. The proposed circuit is suitable for applications where music and entertainment are involved, such as in parties, festivals, get to togethers etc. Since the … Read moreWireless Music Level Indicator Circuit

3 Best Joule Thief Circuits

Technically it may seem impossible to illuminate a 3.3V LED with a 1.5V source, but the amazing concept of joule thief makes this look so easy and effective, and virtually unbelievable. Moreover the circuit additionally makes sure that not a single drop of “joule” is left unused in the cell. A joule thief circuit is … Read more3 Best Joule Thief Circuits

3D Moon-Sphere LED Driver with Charger and Dimmer Circuit

In this post we learn how to build a homemade LED driver with dimmer and charger circuit for illuminating a 3D moon from a 5V USB source. The idea was requested by Mr. John Sweden. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I’ve been a visitor to your website for many years and wonder if I may ask … Read more3D Moon-Sphere LED Driver with Charger and Dimmer Circuit

200, 600 LED String Circuit on Mains 220V

300 LED string light circuit

The post details the construction of a 200 to 600 LED project, using series parallel  LEDs for creating an alphabetical display sign board. The idea was requested by Mr. Mubarak Idris. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I need a blinking LED light that show”WELCOME TO” blink and then “COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING” base on my rough estimation … Read more200, 600 LED String Circuit on Mains 220V

7 Watt LED Driver SMPS Circuit – Current Controlled

The presented 7 watt LED driver circuit is an SMPS based non-isolated, transformerless circuit which ensures a safe current controlled output for the attached LED, it is very affordable to build without  involving complex transformer winding. Constant Current and Load Regulation Objective The aim behind the design of the IC TPS92310 (from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS) is … Read more7 Watt LED Driver SMPS Circuit – Current Controlled

Greatest Myths about LED Lighting

LED lighting products are relatively new for the commercial market and as with any new product, they have to deal with doubt and negative comments from consumers’ side. There just is a lot of false information about LED lights that creates many misconceptions about them. So here are the greatest myths about LED lamps and … Read moreGreatest Myths about LED Lighting

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