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IC 555 Monostable Calculator

This IC 555 calculator software helps you to compute the output pulse width or the pulse ON delay time of a 555 timer monostable circuit




Seconds (s)

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  1. please my honorable mentor i need a stable timer delay circuit that can delay up to 5minute before it will go off and never come back until i reset it back.thanks

  2. Hi mate
    kindly I’d ask please for a circuit I’m trying to design depends on square wave . the circuit is about electroplating by the square wave instead of dc voltage. the frequency would be variable between 10-50HZ and the duty cycle 50%. what would the circuit and components would be please?, and in case of 555timer datasheet gives 200mA max current what the extra components i would add to the circuit to make adjustable current rises up to 1A and would that affect the output voltage. Can I put adjustable resistor to the Vcc only and would it drop the output voltage.
    I owe you the most thanks

  3. Dear Sir,
    i want to design timer circuit 30 minutes with IC555, power supply press the circuit button works 30 minutes then turn off, or active, press the button will turn off, press the button will work. Every 30 minutes, please help me.
    Thank you!

      • Thanks, Swagatam.

        I have followed the instructions and succeeded with both NE555 and CD4060. These two ICs have the disadvantage that the Timer depends on the capacitor, the quality of the capacitor decreases over time. So do you know which IC series has a timer of up to 30 minutes without depending on the capacitor? (excluding IC running by program algorithm)


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