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27 MHz Transmitter Circuit – 10 Km Range

The 10 km range, 27 MHz transmitter circuit explained here uses citizen’s band which consists of 2 main types of users: radio control (R/C) modellists and users of low-power FM transceivers for local communication. However, here it is designed and intended for testing antennas and aligning receivers. It is actually an AM/FM quartz controlled for … Read more27 MHz Transmitter Circuit – 10 Km Range

LiFi Internet Transmitter Circuit – USB Signal Transfer through LED

In this post we learn how to transmit Internet data through LiFi using a class D amplifier as the transmitter and an ordinary audio amplifier circuit as the receiver. How Li-Fi Concept Works If you are wondering how a LiFi concept could be used for transmitting USB data, this article will provide with all the … Read moreLiFi Internet Transmitter Circuit – USB Signal Transfer through LED

1.5 watt Transmitter Circuit

This little transmitter will allow you to communicate, chat, send music transmission on any standard FM Radio tuned within the existing band, across a radial distance of not less than 500 meters or half a kilometers. Warning: Using this transmitter could be illegal in your country or area, take appropriate permissions before indulging. How it … Read more1.5 watt Transmitter Circuit

Simple TV Transmitter Circuit

The TV transmitter circuit presented in this post incorporates the European standard FM frequency for audio and Video up-links. Referring to the circuit below, Q1 is configured as a preamplifier for amplifying the audio input to be modulated. Circuit  Description Q2 is fundamentally responsible for conducting a couple of important functions: It amplifies the carrier frequency … Read moreSimple TV Transmitter Circuit

Long Range Transmitter Circuit – 2 to 5 Km Range

The proposed long range transmitter circuit really is very steady, harmonic free design which you can use with standard fm frequencies between 88 and 108 MHz. Technical Specifications of the Transmitter This will likely encompass 5km spectrum (long range). It includes an extremely consistent oscillator for the reason that you employ LM7809 stabilizer that is … Read moreLong Range Transmitter Circuit – 2 to 5 Km Range

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