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Comparator Circuits – Using IC 741, IC 311, IC 339

The basic function of a comparator circuit is to accept a linear voltage input and produce a digital output, giving a quick information regarding which one input has higher potential than the second. Difference Between a Comparator and Op Amp The IC 741 is an ideal example of a single op amp, and the IC … Read moreComparator Circuits – Using IC 741, IC 311, IC 339

TL494 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

The IC TL494 is a versatile PWM control IC, which can be applied in many different ways in electronic circuits. In this articles we discuss in detail regarding the main functions of the IC, and also how to use it in practical circuits. General Description The IC TL494 is specifically designed for single chip pulse … Read moreTL494 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

MOSFETs – Enhancement-Type, Depletion-Type

Two main types of FETs that presently exist are: JFETs and MOSFETs. MOSFETs can be further classified into depletion type and enhancement type. Both these types define the fundamental mode of operation of MOSFETs, while the term MOSFET itself is the abbreviation of metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect transistor. Due to the fact that the two types have different … Read moreMOSFETs – Enhancement-Type, Depletion-Type

CMOS IC LMC555 Datasheet – Works with 1.5 V Supply

IC 555 CMOS Version

In this post we study the datasheet, pinout, and technical specifications of the IC LMC555 which is a CMOS version of the standard IC 555. The IC is equipped with many outstanding features, the most amazing being its minimum supply range which is down to 1.5V. Meaning now you have an IC 555 which can … Read moreCMOS IC LMC555 Datasheet – Works with 1.5 V Supply

2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

In this post we comprehensively discuss the pinout function, electrical specications, and application designs for the power transistor 2N3055. If you are an electronic hobbyist, you might have certainly used this very useful, and efficient power transistor at least once in your experiments. I have used 2N3055 transistor many number of times in many of … Read more2N3055 Datasheet, Pinout, Application Circuits

Capacitor Inductor Calculations

Inductors can be imagined as the opposite of capacitors. The main difference between a capacitor and an inductor is that a capacitor carries a protective dielectric between its plates, which inhibits the conduction of current across its terminals. Here it acts like an open circuit. On the other hand the inductance of an inductor is … Read moreCapacitor Inductor Calculations