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50V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

This yet another versatile 3-phase driver device in the form of IC L6235  from ST Microelectronics allows you to drive a 50V 3-phase BLDC motor with extreme efficiency.The chip also includes all the required protection features built-in, along with an easy to configure external speed control stage.

120 Watt Amplifier Circuit using TDA 2030 IC

An impressive 120 watt amplifier circuit can be built by cascading a couple of TDA 2030 IC in a bridged tied load (BTL) configuration  and through a few current boosting transistors.

GSM Car Ignition and Central Lock Using Arduino

In this post we are going to construct a GSM based car security system using Arduino, which can lock and unlock car’s ignition system and central lock by sending a password SMS to car from your cellphone

Automatic Temperature Control with Fan Motor and Arduino

The project discussed here automatically senses the ambient temperature and adjusts the motor speed to keep the surrounding temperature under control. This automatic processing is done through an Arduino and a temperature sensor IC LM35.

Compact 3-Phase IGBT Driver IC STGIPN3H60 - Datasheet, Pinout

In this post we discuss the datasheet, and the pinout specification of the IC STGIPN3H60 from ST microelectronics, which is perhaps the slimmest and the smartest 3-phase IGBT driver IC featuring in-built IGBTs, rated to work with 600V DC bus and upto 3 amp current, that's equivalent to almost 1800 VA handling power.

How to Run a Servo Motor using IC 555 Circuit

In this project we are going to learn the basic specifications of a servo motor and also how to operate a Servo Motor using a 555 timer IC, and a couple of push buttons.

2.4 GHz 10 Channel Remote Control Switch

In this post we are going to construct a 10 channel remote control switch based on ISM (industrial, Scientific and Medical) band.