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How to Generate Free Electricity from Sea Wave

How to Generate Free Electricity from Sea Wave

The set up explained in the following article is an easy to build design and can used for generating huge quantities of free electricity from sea wave continuously.

Renewable Electricity from Sea

Just like wind and solar power, another great source of free energy available on the surface of this planet is the sea or the ocean water.

The power from sea or ocean is normally in the form of wave power, which is rather cheaper and much easier to harness compared to wind or solar power. This is because the force or power impact of sea wave on a given cross section can be much higher than wind or solar power across the same area.

I have already discussed one simple method of generating electricity
from sea waves in one of my earlier posts, you may want to read it here.

The present design set up for generating electricity from sea wave can be seen in the following diagram. The set up once built can be lifted and anchored in sea water close to the sea shore for acquiring free electricity throughout the year without interruption.

The Sea Generator Setup

In the image above we can see a vertical  long flap made up of a rigid plastic which is hoisted on a horizontal spindle, supported by two ball bearings at the ends, such that the spindle and the flap assembly is able to hang and oscillate in a see-saw form freely, across the two ball bearings.

The ball bearings are supported over two adjacent vertical long pillars which are in turn clamped firmly on heavy metallic bases.

The spindle ends across the ball bearings can be seen fitted with the two respective alternators, which implies that when the spindle goes through a lateral push and pull , the same is transferred across the alternator shafts which in turn enables their internal coil and magnet mechanism to go through a corresponding to and fro kicking movements.

The push pull thrust on the vertical propeller flap is generated by the sea waves since the flap is immersed in the sea water up to 60% of its entire length.

The above push pull, sea-saw like movement of the flap produces an identical movement of the alternator shaft causing a proportionate amount of electricity to be generated across the respective output wires of the alternators.

Electricity for Charging Batteries

This free electricity can be used for charging batteries which could be later taken out for powering LED lights or inverters.

The base structure which supports the two pillars and the entire mechanism must be substantially heavy (made from solid steel) and rounded at the corners (for ensuring minimum resistance to the waves). The bottom surface of the base must be as flat as possible for preventing the unit from sinking in the soft sand.

Once built, the entire structure may be simply lifted ( by a few men) and installed inside sea water close to shore or wherever one may choose to position it inside the sea water.


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