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Free 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Free 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Lightning in skies is the phenomenon which proves beyond doubt that free electrical energy could be there in abundant quantities all around us.

Power of Thunder Lightening

A typical lightning bolt could carry thousands of amps and volts enough to power a small city for many months.

All intellectuals such as the CEOs of oil and gas companies, government officials of countries are aware of the fact that just six feet above ground that's around your head region the atmosphere could be charged with at least 200 volts of free electricity.

Even just 3 feet above the ground the air could be charged with as high as +100 V.

If you compare the above with your home electricity which could be just 120 V, and your car battery having only 12 V, these man made electricity looks pretty trivial.

The +200 V in the air is entirely free, infinite, unmetered and extremely clean electricity with no emissions, it's in the form of electromagnetic energy (EM).

Great scientists of the past like Nikola Tesla and Henry Moray have already successfully plucked this free energy from air and proved the world of its existence.

If you consider the many tall structures such as the CN tower, the Eiffel tower, the Washington monument, the Kutub minar, the One world trade center, and the Egyptian Pyramids all these could be used like antennas for accessing this free energy in huge magnitudes.

Plucking Free Energy from Towers

The Egyptian Pyramids were in fact engineered as electrical energy producing and wireless transmitting power structures.

The capstone of the pyramids were developed and positioned atop the pyramids to behave like a accepting and transporting antenna in addition to the foundation of the pyramids were designed with sandstone (a quartz crystal electricity conductor) to accumulate the gathered electrical power – to work as a capacitor.

The sandstone (arenite) bricks employed to construct the pyramids were comprised of crystal quartz and/or feldspar that happen to be exorbitantly high electrical conductors and the small amount of metallic on the capstone enabled for highest possible power creation and access.

Furthermore, the Giza Plateau in which the pyramids take a position was especially picked as the building place simply because the area contains a lot of underground water streams.

The pyramids were created above limestone layers which may have spots between them brimming with running (flux) water.

These types of distinctive layers of rock known as aquifers broadcast electricity in the upward direction since they take underground water to the surface area.

The substantial volume flow (flux) of the River Nile that is fed into these aquifers creates an electrical current. This is referred to as physio-electricity. The pyramids were designed to take advantage of, accumulate (capacitor), and also transmit this electrical power wirelessly.

The Wardenclyff Tower

In 1901 Nikola Tesla started out building the Wardenclyffe Tower (Tesla Tower). He recognized historical scientific knowledge and began to reeducate the World by displaying what the Egyptians figured out and systematically engineered over 4000 years back.

If the Egyptians were to employ an insulating housing around the pyramids and reinstalled a capstone antenna (plated with an electricity running and transporting metal like silver) their pyramids would probably yet again generate, store and send out wirelessly this no cost and infinite electromagnetic energy.

Despite the fact that these are centuries old they may be even now capable to work as utility generating power plants. Their principal framework is completely still in effect.

The blue capacitor is a 0.22u/400V, the black capacitor is a 10uF/400V and the diodes are 1N4148

Some 80 years ago Nikola Tesla used a set up in which he used a 6 feet metallic antenna rod and could extract electricity free of cost that powered a 60 kW AC motor which was later tried out inside a test electric automobile.

Free Energy Automobile

The above set up created by Tesla was so effective that it could run the test automobile Pierce-Arrow at an impressive 90 miles per hour.

In the year 1932 the above theory was once again tested and implemented successfully by another scientist Dr. Moray through an inexpensive long copper wire as the antenna for capturing free electromagnetic waves in the air.

In the above experiments, we can consider antenna simply like a transducer for transforming free EM into AC or vice versa. It fundamentally has two phases of operation: one is the receiving antenna which plucks free EM (available as RFs) and delivers it to the electronic or electrical gadgets for their use, in the second phase the AC is transmitted back to air through transmitting antennas from these gadgets in the form of radiant energy.

The least complicated antenna is a length of cable, attached at one end to a transmitter unit or receiver end.

More regularly, the radiating/receiving component is scheduled far away from the transmitter or receiver, and Alternating current is sent to or from the antenna by way of a transmission line, also known as a feed line or feeder.

You can find a great deal of free energy in the air above that the application of lengthier wire antenna greater than five hundred feet or strung beyond head height could make dangerous magnitudes of electrical current.

Consult any electrician and he will probably surely let you know that Earth is usually referred to as ground while discussing electricity circuitry. This individual will also explain that DC electric current makes its way to ground or earth.

Energy from Lightening Rod

A lightning rod, devised by Benjamin Franklin, demonstrates this. In the event that lightning strikes a building it is going to preferentially affect the rod and be executed to ground by means of the wire, rather than transmitting through the building, where it could possibly cause a fire or bring about electrocution.

The Planet – the floor we take a position on, move around on, rest on, play. run on, travel on and construct on is negative electrically charged and plays the role of a circular capacitor.

In accordance with Canada’s Department of Natural Resources – https://cfs.nrcan.gc.ca/pages/160 – The possesses a net negative charge of between 400,000 and 5000,00 coulombs, at the same time the same positive charge is mounted over the surroundings above earth's surface.

It says:

“There is about a 300 000 volt (V) potential difference between the Earth’s surface and the electrosphere, which gives an average electric field strength of about 6 V/metre (m) throughout the atmosphere. Near the surface, the fine-weather electric field strength is about 100 V/m..” Average height of a man is 6 feet or 2 meters so 100 V/m x 2 meters = 200 Volts 6 feet off the ground.

Wikipedia also affirms that Earth’s atmosphere is electrically charged. They reveal the fact by disclosing the following explanation –

“The measurements of atmospheric electricity can be seen as measurements of difference of potential between a point of the Earth’s surface, and a point somewhere in the air above it.

The atmosphere in different regions is often found to be at different local potentials, which differ from that of the earth sometimes even by as much as 3000 Volts within 100 feet (30 m).

The electrostatic field and the difference of potential of the earth field according to investigations, is in summer about 60 to 100 volts and in winter 300 to 500 volts per meter of difference in height, a simple calculation gives the result that when such a collector is arranged for example on the ground, and a second one is mounted vertically over it at a distance of 2000 meters and both are connected by a conducting cable, there is a difference in potential in summer of about 2,000,000 volts and in winter even of 6,000,000 volts and more.”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmospheric_electricity

The above statements are exactly in line with what Nikola Tesla and Dr. Thomas Henry Moray proved about 80 years ago and tried their best to inform the world about it, that our planet and we are surrounded by a envelope of free electrical energy, it's just about knowing the right method of tapping and extracting this unlimited source of free energy for powering any desired equipment on earth.

Illuminating 35nos 100 Watt Bulbs from Atmosphere

Moray could convincingly collect this free energy from air and light up 35 nos of 100 watt bulbs and 1200 watt iron continuously together,

Solar electricity is being extensively used and implemented in today's world but the most important thing these devices may be missing is efficiency.

The manufacturers and engineers must simply understand Tesla and Moray concepts and try to make the solar panels more efficient by using less reflective materials on them.

Solar panels reflect most of the sun rays throughout the day except when the rays are perfectly perpendicular on these devices.

Reflecting sun rays means throwing away precious EM energy.

solar panel glint improvement

The law if reflection narrates that in specular reflection the incident wave angle on a particular surface corresponds to the angle at which it's reflected back.

Solar panels material and the glass reflect most of the energy that could be otherwise accumulated throughout the day and night 24x7, absolutely free of cost.

In order to convert the present solar panels into extremely efficient energy converting devices or energy receiving antennas, is to make these devices with non-reflective material painted black.

Black will absorb all radiant energy present in the atmosphere whether its day or night it won;t really matter, the solar panels will then be able to convert sun energy into electricity in day time and EM energy into electricity during night, enabling a perfect free energy generating machine.


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  1. Sir only 0.22u/400V, 10uF/400V capacitor and doide 1N4148 can be make a the above device?
    And the antenna go abreast or ascend?
    The device use for 1-60W materials?
    Sir can you send me your final device photo!

  2. Hello Michael, I can't figure it out….If the the negative of the capacitor is the ground, then where should the positive side of the capacitor go?

  3. Hi sir,
    What should be the length of the antenna wire of the circuit" 2.bp.blogspot.com/-E_OMlpc_hE4/VCpEjR049DI/AAAAAAAAITo/0oLkS6En1n0/s1600/200%2BV%2Bfree%2Belectricity.jpg " shown above and material also.

  4. Hello Mr Swagatam Majumdar,

    Do you know which side is the ground ?

    Is it the MINUS (-) side of electrolytic capacitor ?

    Thank you.

  5. Hi Sir.
    thanks for reply yes is it.I am just trying to make a minimum of that much of amount voltage through we which we can charge A Battery. And through which we can step-up that voltage with Battery-Inveter Assembly to a minimum of usable value. Since all other in-coventional sources like solar,wind are too much expensive….
    well I am not geneious in electric like that of you.Please correct if I am wrong also provide usable information

    Thanks Regards

    • Hi Swapnil,

      yes I understand, but even to charge may be a 12V/25AH battery quickly you would need thousands of such modules in parallel.

  6. Hi dear sir
    Is it possible that by using above concept we can create +200V.and if it possible then why it Won"t being used widely

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    • Hi Swagtam Sir,
      I read information Regarding this Tesla coil om frsome other Web-site and it looks to be use-ful
      Which material For Antenna is Used And How To Connect output two wire of Positive and Negative

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    • Hi Dear Swagatam sir,
      I Made this Tesla Coil project just few minutes but I don't get 10microfarad 400V I used 10Microfarad 450V.
      I did this experiment inside my home.I got voltage at coil 250 micro-volt DC.

      Sir, I think you should make this project for correct result.
      Tommorrow I will again make this experiment.

      thanks regards.
      Waiting for Favourable Reply…

    • Hi Swapnil,

      you may have to build thousands of these units and put them in parallel for getting something significant. I don't think just a single set up would work and provide any meaningful output

      • What has me curious is 1N4148 Diodes have a PIV ( PEAK INVERSE VOLTAGE) of 75. Putting 200V across one exceeds its design ratings! Although you have 200volts there is NOT a lot of electrons available which translates into current OR (IXE=W) current X voltage equals watts (ENERGY!) In this case not a lot. In some locations you might get some power but I think very little & also these circuits would be VERY susceptible to being destroyed by smallish atmospheric surges. Now the big elephant in the room is these are AC configurations being fed with Direct Current. They cant function as designed. SO perhaps a “Joule thief “type of circuit would be a better bet. Oh yes and some spike protection on its input which needs to be as good an aerial* as you can muster.
        Think of the aerial (the collector of electrons) as you would a window in a room. BIGGER is definitely BETTER. More electrons collected means more energy collected. Have fun someone

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