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How to Get Free Energy from Alternator and Battery

How to Get Free Energy from Alternator and Battery

A request was sent to me by one of the readers Mr. Edward Pizzo, regarding solving a circuit issue. The idea refers to a very interesting concept of acquiring free energy through a mechanism which once initiated keeps running  in quite a perpetual fashion.

Using an Alternator and two Batteries

A charged battery #1 is used initially for starting an alternator which keeps running by utilizing the power from battery #1 and in the course generates enough power for running a few of the house appliances and for charging another battery #2. Once the earlier battery #1 gets discharged, the positions of the batteries (#1 and #2) are simply interchanged in order to keep the system running, almost forever.

Here goes the circuit problem:

How the Free Generator is Supposed to Work

I am fairly good at building and fabricating
I went to school 20 years ago for electronics and communications what good that did me.

The issue is that I know enough to be dangerous but I just cant seem to get to the problem solving end of what I need done.

I have a bifilar coil circuit I need modified to incorporate a 10amp load at 110 volts where the neon light goes. I know how to series and parallel the batteries to get what i need, however I am at a loss to the rebuild of the circuit to step up the amperage I keep blowing things up.
Here is the original circuit I was basing my design on.

Its inspired from Bedinis concept of generating free energy. In my prototype I have a side of the circuit which runs a coil which in turn runs a motor while the other side recharges a battery.  When not charging I would like to run a motor where the 110 neon light goes.

Any help would be really appreciated. I would like to step this up to run on 24 volts and 48 volts and eventually put a switching circuit in top monitor when a battery is charged to flip flop So I can keep the batteries running continuously.

I'm using size 22 and 18 wire gauge wire about a thousand turns for the iron filled coil to run the magnetic wheel I built

In its small scale it works flawlessly however I can not figure out how to step up the components to get the larger amperage through the circuit without blowing things up.

The coil wires are run together around a wood spool about a thousand turns then I have them stuffed with ironIn the center to make my core i'm using welding rod as the core. The magnetic motor is 12 magnets on a wheel all the poles facing in the same direction.

When you add your power supply the magnetic wheel starts spinning from the start coil, however the run side of the coil charges the secondary battery. When the 2nd battery is disconnected the neon light turns on since I need to have that voltage go somewhere. I keep putting bigger rated transistors but I keep burning up other parts of the circuit. If

I figure this out ill be able to run my house without the need of the power company. That’s including running ac units as well.

I don’t remember the guys name who designed the circuit I cant find his forum anywhere. It was 2 years ago and its been running Continuously in my garage non stop. I finally decided to try and power things up with it by manipulating the way the coil works

Its been running for 2 years continuously  right now I manually switch the batteries from start to charge as one side charges the system the other drains it. This system actually puts out more Voltage than it uses so there is always excess voltage keeping the charge side fully charged at all times.
I designed a stator that will run the house at a very low rpm so if I can solve this part of the circuit at the higher amp rating and be stable without burning up, the electric company will be a thing of the past.

Analyzing the free energy generator circuit:

The above idea looks good but it suggests a perpetual kind of mechanism, and as we all know a perpetual mechanism can  never be feasible.

The above idea might be working, but it can never produce 100% efficiency, not even 80%, I guess.

However I still appreciate the concept, even our commercial hydro power stations require gravitational force and huge amounts of water for implementing the operations, everything has a shortcoming and the present idea is not an exempt.

I am interested to know from Mr. Edward how the circuit would produce more current than what it's actually consuming in order to operate the house appliances?? That's looks too good to be true.

Because if this is true then the above idea could revolutionize the power generation concept.

Coming back to the actual issue, for acquiring greater amounts of currents I think we simply need to make the appropriate winding heavier proportionately. The batteries should also be matched as per the winding outputs.

If the above couple of things are optimized as per the needs, the over all rating of the unit may be increased to any desired limits.

The upgrading operations can be done with the help of a digital multi-tester, the outputs from the relevant winding may be checked and set by rotating them manually.

In place of transistor, a mosfet can be tried for better efficiency.Reply from Ed

There is always wear and tear of moving parts especially battery drain as long as I can keep the batteries from falling below 50% of their charge

I can keep them much longer than batteries that get fully depleted. I will provide a video where I can show you the voltage to keep the system turning

And the amount of voltage that charges the system I was not looking to get into a debate about any perpetual motion machines of that nature I am as skeptical as anyone.

And so I need to build and test most of the claims myself, however this one works exactly the way the designer intended it to work. The few modifications I made are based off an idea I wanted to play with at the time but was unable to complete due to me burning up parts of the circuit.

The bifilar wire at the thousand turns with the size magnets im using are definitely key to my issues im having.

However by using a smaller grade magnet say from radio shack im guessing have maybe a 5 or 10 ne  did not change the voltage  output, however when I switched to a 42ne magnet the voltage is consistent with the weaker or smaller magnets however the torque I developed changed which allowed me to redesign the system to incorporate a low rpm stator that can produce 1500kw which is enough to run appliances in exactly the same way a windmill runs a house or a farm (challenge number 1 was creating enough torque on my primary circuit to overcome the clogging effect of the stator to spin at the slowest possible rpm to produce the 1500kw. Challenge complete.)

I was able to make the system large enough to do this but not without causing other issues.

Currently on this basic system I will show you it uses about 9 to 12 volts to run the system which is due to the state of the start battery or the run side of the circuit. The output side will be typically about 1- 1/2 to 2 volts higher.

I will grab my camera when I get off from work and I can show you the system running as designed its been running in my garage for a long time now the only thing I need to build would be a flip flop circuit based on the charge state of the run battery when it falls below battery number 2 by x percent or when battery 2 reaches full charge just have the circuit flip im not sure exactly how ill set that up yet.

The design I use for the house is based off this circuit but I have modified it to actually run faster and it has a lot more coils.

However I keep burning things up with it. Hence my question to you as posted.
I know im missing something which is either very basic or not, I may need to add capacitors in places and possibly create filters to smooth out or level the output possibly.

I need to learn about how to do that first so im learning as I build this circuit as well.(alternative option is to scrap this whole system to a more efficient motor in the future but I need to learn the fundamentals here first)

There will always be skeptics so until you build it yourself which would probably cost less than 50 dollars that’s 2 sizes of wire you only need about 500 turns the transistor 2 diodes they need to be different as for the timing and the pot to tune the performance and level the output.

And some welding rod with no flux for your iron core the batteries can be from your cars or the ones I used are for a small motorcycle I had laying around.

I'm working on getting rid of the batteries altogether on the system for the house right now. But I still need a way to start the system, the stator uses a dc inverter looped back to keep the system running, but that blew up this weekend as well hence the email I sent you which started me looking for help.

The proposed free energy generator circuit is working I just don’t know enough about designing or redesigning electronic system to keep things from blowing up[(yet) time is also not on my side and I wish I knew more yesterday but I do not]. I'm great and building the concepts and fabrication.

I can build and weld and mill any parts I need to fulfill the mechanical end and I can build basic circuits to get specific outputs but I run into a challenge at this point in time in the depth of knowledge of why I need to have a specific component to make settle changes Or enhancements to a circuit.

The more electronics however the more power drain the less efficiency.

I am  utilizing the KISS method just that the simple side of the equation has become more and more complicated as I keep building to fix minor issues to solve minor issues. The stupid part of the equation I have no shortage of and seems to be well in place. I know its staring me in the face but im missing some piece of the puzzle that can make this come together.

I’m using a duel tabletop grinder for the bearings which run forever and are really sturdy. So there’s never a need for belts or pulley’s like you see on many other Systems.

I use the primary system to run the secondary.  I can get the secondary system to actually power the primary once its running and at speed.All this system does is produce power and spin the magnets with enough torque to power the secondary.The secondary doesn't care what’s being run from it as long as the primary is up to speed to overcome the clogging.

The issue is I need to stop burning up the components long enough to make this useful. I can get a about 6 or 7 minutes before things start to fry and its running a 7.2amp ac unit at 110 volts about a Dozen lights at 100w so I have more than power off the secondary stator to back feed and run a small 24v or 48 v system but I cant get the primary stable at that voltage.  I'm sure this part is child's play for most of you.So with your help maybe we can get this up and running.

About Me (Edward Pizzo)

I've worked on many projects over the years some professionally and others like this as a hobby and research for better ideas to help.

The environment and the people associated with it.  But it’s a mystery how brainwashed most people get. I have a car that runs on water and no one wants anything to do  with it. Now I have a device that will probably run a house for life for free and no one will be interested in it.

I hear all of the crying for help everyday but when offered its all dismissed as a scam. I guess if I packaged it and sold it in a box for $4000 maybe it would make people want it.That way I could pay an engineer to figure out the missing pieces and make yearly updates to my system.

I have a neighbor who just spent $52,000 to put Solar on his roof. I showed him my system and said ill build him one just pay for the parts under $1200 he told me sorry it wont work. ????? and hes still has to pay the power company .I'm at a loss


About the Author

I am an electronic engineer (dipIETE ), hobbyist, inventor, schematic/PCB designer, manufacturer. I am also the founder of the website: https://www.homemade-circuits.com/, where I love sharing my innovative circuit ideas and tutorials. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help!

20 thoughts on “How to Get Free Energy from Alternator and Battery”

  1. Howdy, Friend! Interested to Learn Circuit Designing? Let's Start Discussing below!
  2. To Mr. Edward Pizzo
    The TIP 3055 transistor Amps to low.
    Replace it rather with BUF 420A or similar as I did.
    Your circuit not fully developed nor will it properly be functional to get overunity.
    On the output you need to impliment a bridge rectifier with output caps in paralel of at least 330uF and 450V
    coupled in between a Thyristor to earth.

    I do not know how to import a circuit on this.

    I am pretty sure I send a copy to Swag.

    If he can post it here, it will be of help.

    I had success with it running 1 – 2 LED lights of 230VAC 12W for at least 3 days ans nights with very little battery lost.

    In my other project, I build a system without a rotor disc and use one magnet as the frequency activator and runs it also up to three days & nights with 12VDC X 7A hr. battery input, burning 5 X 230VAC X 12W LED lights, while the system was looped back to the battery and recharge it contineously.

    In that three days & nights the battery lost was only close to 1.8 Volts from 13.6 down to 11.8Volts.

    Thus a output of at least 60W /Hr a bit longer then 72 hrs.
    0.26A / hr times 72 hrs = 18.78 amps

    Now all can imagine how the battery of 7amp hour manage the total output of more then 18 amps in 72 hrs.

    The secret: frequencies!

  3. Hi Swagatam (Swag)

    Thanks so much for your interest and that you offer help in the developing of a complete PCBoard the do the final tests in my research, where I had to pin the frequencies and input to the exact values for best performance and output on the working prototype.

    I do not want this info in the media at all, as it can wakes up the enemies against our freedom.

    The Corporate Elite who controls all governments and the money system, do not want the people to be free, as they know they will loose control as well as get opposition in their demonic control over the whole world.

    Anyway, I will get my detailos ready and send it through for you to look at it and tell me if you can help with it.

    Thanks so much and many blessings.

  4. For a very long time not active on this web.
    But to follow up on my previous post about a energy gain of approx 3000W – 700W = 2300W overunity, but with the bad experience of extreme overheating. (Breakthrough 19 Feberuary 2016)

    After approx. 18 month of further research and development, I made the breakthrough of an energy overunity machine (very small) and running all components, rotor disc as well as stator coils & cores icy cold.

    I also overcome the drag like these of convential generators with NO DRAG at all, and the beauty of the system was that the more load you put on, the faster the rotor disc runs and the power output increases to.

    The only backlock I am experience now, is the costs to build a proper bigger working model as here in South Africa, the living costs is a killing.

    The Inflation, interest and low value of the rand controlled by the Jews, is busy destroying our country to nothing.
    Goods get more difficult to obtain and it is thus so expensive with the poor rand value controlled by the bankers, that it is unaffordable to make a living anymore.

    Thus I myself personally can confirm that I experienced a overunity model , running with NO DRAG and the heart of the system is run and controlled by FREQUENCIES (PWM), copper wire and magnets, but without frequencies it will never work.
    O yes, and do not forget that the use of toroidal coil in frequency input to the driving coils as well as the stator coils, make a hugh difference in extra performance and output gain.

    This project works similar as that of the Robert Adams, Joseph Newman and John Bedini concepts.

    THE SECRET: PWM where both duty cycle & frequencies must be controlled seperately and mixed into the input supply to the driving coils through a toroidal coil.
    Also a PWM input to the stator coils to run the whole system cold with extreme overunity.

    Just look or search “Golden Motors” to see the high torque motors they build, but without the extra stator coils concept to create overunity.

    If anybody can support me by develope the complete circuit board so I may test it properly on the fisical unit, i will appreciate it so much, as I am old now and cannot work properly on breadboards anymore, and not experienced to create and develope a computer circuit.

    I will give all the electronic details to develope such a PCBoard and will only swap info of the fisical model and its full details when the person who helps me with the electronic development.

    My email is ggc.ent@axxess.co.za

    and I will rather communicate by email instead regarding this project.

    So Swagatan, can you help please?


    • Hi Gert,

      I appreciate and congratulate you for being successful in creating a real free energy machine.

      I will definitely try to help you as much as possible. You can contact me through the contact form and I’ll do whatever I can.

      Best Regards

  5. hi swag, u might’ve seen in youtube about the simple free energy generator videos using two small dc motor and other few components powering couple of LED’s. i’ve tried it but mine didn’t work. Is that concept true? coz thr r pro and anti videos about it.If it is true can u plz tell me its working principle roughly?

  6. swag am a free energy researcher, and i have worked and testd alot of free energy devices, i can tell you and anyone that cares to listen this'' NEVER BELIEVE IN WHATEVER THE CONVENTIONAL TELL YOU IS NOT POSSIBLE, TRY AND FIND OUT YOURSELF'' power and control is what keep the leaders on thier sits..so if people have access to free power, free movement, the government will become lees important because people will not have to depend on them for thier survival..so they try to keep such knowledge that will enpower the masses under control! am working on a gravity machine, that utilizies the power of mass and magnets, the problem with puppets scientist in the academic realm is this, they are told research to publish and the ones not to…that is why my levitating disc is not in physics text book, the phenomenum of high frequency and high voltages are not taught in schools, they have endless power and properties, thermodynamics laws was proposed by who? there were laws that proved that a metal weighing 200kg can never float in air many years before the Wright brothers proved the Academic world wrong..you dont expect ground breaking inventions to come from the Schools, bt from independent researchers and experimenters who are going outside the box to test and try things..so Swagatam because you have not seen does not mean it does not exist..in my country i can not come on air to say i have invented a machine that is a threat to the oil gurus, and greedy power companies exploiting the masses, if am granted maximum security i might come to ur country and prove to you that we are living in a universe that is an open system where we breath energy and eat energy continously, rather than considering the world as a closed system.. imagine am in the middle of the ocean with my generator that converts water to energy and back to water..we are not talking about over efficiecy rather we are talking about COP…. COEFFICIENT OF PERFORMANCE….using less input to get more output, nature adding the rest for you, examples hydro power station, windmill, and solar panels..nature is doing the work continously..so its not about efficiency its about COP..what energy is required to start a pendulum clock? and how many months does it go on oscillating without any more inputs?, why do we call a jack a simple machine when we do less work on raising a trailer or tanker.. so my brother Swagatam…consider these things then you will understand that most physics laws are giving under certain conditions, when you go outside does restrictions you will get different results, people thought gravity was actually a pull towards the centre of the earth for over 200 years, we calculate and design things based on that, until recently a man came up to show with experiments that gravity was actually a push from outer space.. where do the extra energy i used in my joule thief charging circuit come from? i used a 1.5 volts dry cell battery to charge 4 rechargble nicad batteries for 8hrs, nicad batteries with 1.2volt times 4 = 4.8 volts at 2000mA.. where is the extra energy entering the battery from? so just think about these..thank you

    • Thank You Solomon, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but sorry brother all the examples that you have mentioned cannot be compared with a free energy concept.

      An airplane, a pendulum, a jack, hydro power, windmill all these work within the laws of science. An airplane flies due to the lift generated under its wings, a pendulum, a flywheel use their stored potential energy to create the sustained oscillations. therefore all these work under certain viable principles and that's the reason they exist in the present world.

      But if you say that you can extract 4000 watts from 1000 watt source then that's weird and doesn't make sense.

      You say about COP, please prove it with a "genuine" experiment.

      somebody who said that gravity is a push from the space should prove it through formulas, just as Newton did, and not just by imaginations.

      Joule thief is just a voltage booster my friend, it uses the current from the battery to produce more voltage…. in fact it's efficiency is not even near 100%…..

      That's INCORRECT when you say

      "i used a 1.5 volts dry cell battery to charge 4 rechargble nicad batteries for 8hrs, nicad batteries with 1.2volt times 4 = 4.8 volts at 2000mA…."

      Please Check the results with a good DMM, you might have just partially charged all these cells.

      I personally wish the true energy concept was true, but unfortunately it isn't because things which are too good never really happen.

  7. Tesla solved this for you 100 years ago. Today you can cheaply buy the induction coil and diy for the bifilar coil. Buy an 1800W induction cooktop ($55), make a bifilar coil to the same size of the induction coil inside cooktop. Wire the bifilar, as the power source, to a power strip. Plug in what you want powered, resistive appliances give best eficiency ie. light bulbs, water heaters, ac units. At about a 4kW load is where lights start to dim a little so i don't go over that for each device. Plug the cooktop into live power source. Place bifilar coil on top of cooktop and… 4kWh of power delivered for 1.8kWh consumed. New cooktps might require you to trick it on by sliding a magnetic pot to turn on induction, a child safety feature, but it will stay on after tricking. Powering 4kW load with the with cooktop at max and bifilar on top the max temp I've measured was 46.3°C. Works for 110-120V single phase at above price. Can also do 208-240V 1P, or 240-600V 3P, but cost of stovetop seems to increase exponentially. Then again could probably power the whole house with a 240V, 3500W induction cooktop.


  8. Just to explore a bit more.
    Some few years ago a man developed a self runnibv nagnet motor with high torgue and fitted it on a bycycle rear wheel as the motor was so small, but managed to carry a heavy person ar reasonable speed.
    Approx 300 bikes sold and then confiscated and suppressed.
    Nowhere to find any details anymore of that breakthrough.

    NOW for all the sceptics & unbelievers Magnet versys frequency create free energy and that is LOVING LIFE.

    • these are just stories which all hear from somebody and then pass it on the next person…rumors spread in this way with nobody asking for facts and proofs.

      No government can be so cruel, they would definitely try to suppress to some extent but with millions of potentials buyers around the world such machines can never be suppressed and these would have been by now sneaked in every house if it would be true.

      when there are all sorts of illegal things such as drugs, arms, human trafficking going on freely in today's world then such machines would have also made its way in the black market….but sorry not a single thing can be found anywhere, and whatever is sold that's total scam to fool the people.

      If you think you have succeeded in building it, then please come to India and show it to the Indian government, because the Indian government has already declared that it would never suppress such brilliant inventions and is ready to cooperate and even honor people engaged in such researches.

      The bottom fact is that such things are still not within the reach of the present level of science and technology.

  9. No!
    It is not the rule of nature.
    I myself succeeded in a overunity magnet motor with an input of 100VDC @ 700W or 7Amp, with an output of 185VAC @ 3000W or 16.2Amps.


    I experienced the very same problem as Edward Pizzo in that I overcome component damages, but the trigger coils running the machine with extreme torque, get overheated and causes to shut down the motor.
    Now I am busy with a new pcboard development combining the power drive with a frequency driver that maybe the answer in keeping the coils cool enough preventing it from overheating nor burning out.

    Do you know how many developers has been murdered by the CIA and their hard work and projects been confiscated and projects been suppressed by the criminal Jesuite Illuminati?

    Well, then you probabky know nithing about free energy thats been suppressed by the criminal Jesuite's to keep the people under their criminal control as debt slaves.

    Please ask Ed to contact me so we can work together in this project.


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