How to Generate Cold Electricity

The post explains how to generate cold electricity using a simple circuit wherein a capacitor is charged with high voltage without consuming any power from the connected battery supply. Using a Single Inductor There used to be an Youtube video illustrating the interesting phenomenon of the generation of cold electricity using just an inductor, a few … Read moreHow to Generate Cold Electricity

Free Energy Receiving Concept – Tesla Coil Concept

For a novice, to understand more on Free Energy Receiver concept, let’s consider a solar-electric panel; widely used as an alternative to electrical energy. Discussing Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Concepts The invention of Nikola Tesla differs, but the closest thing to his invention can be found in a conventional energy – the photo-voltaics. One major … Read moreFree Energy Receiving Concept – Tesla Coil Concept

How to Collect Free Energy from Atmosphere

A free energy collector circuit helps to convert surrounding radio frequency waves to electric power and can provide 40 watts to 10 watts indefinitely. The Circuit Concept An option to increase the output power is achievable through proper set-up of an antenna. Placing an antenna in a close proximity of a large metal object helps … Read moreHow to Collect Free Energy from Atmosphere

Free Energy Bicycle Generator Circuit

The following post describes a simple circuit idea which can be used for generating free electrical energy for illuminating a few safety flashing LEDs on a  Bicycle. The Circuit Concept A bicycle like any other modern vehicle needs provision of lighting system for its use at night or cycling in lesser light. Usually a bicycle is … Read moreFree Energy Bicycle Generator Circuit

Recharge Discarded Lead Acid Batteries

In this post we learn how to recharge and use bad, defective discarded lead acid batteries using an innovative battery charging process invented by John Bedini. Lead acid batteries can sometimes be a problem to get rid of. They can also be high priced to upgrade. In case discarded in the wrong way, they have … Read moreRecharge Discarded Lead Acid Batteries

Deriving Free Energy from Air Using a Sec Excitor Coil

The following experiment shows how interestingly Mr.Steven could draw free energy from air using his home-built sec exciter coil tower, he used it to a feed a small LM317 power supply unit and made it work successfully. Read more… How to Wind the Inductors “When i hand wind my coils i didn’t use varnish its … Read moreDeriving Free Energy from Air Using a Sec Excitor Coil

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