Generate HHO Gas Efficiently at Home

Converting water into free HHO fuel gas can be extremely inefficient if ordinary means are employed for the involved electrolysis of water. In this post we try to investigate a circuit design which might be capable of extracting this gas from water using minimum energy and with high efficiency. Technical Specifications I want to use … Read moreGenerate HHO Gas Efficiently at Home

Free 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Lightning in skies is the phenomenon which proves beyond doubt that free electrical energy could be there in abundant quantities all around us. Power of Thunder Lightening A typical lightning bolt could carry thousands of amps and volts enough to power a small city for many months. All intellectuals such as the CEOs of oil … Read moreFree 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Making an Overunity Generator Using two Motors

The post discusses an over unity generator set up using two motors and an inverter for getting a sustained free energy infinitely. The idea was suggested by Mr. Dare. Technical Specifications I came across your website when searching for on Google, alternator booster which helps small Genset of 650W to bear load more than there … Read moreMaking an Overunity Generator Using two Motors

How to Generate Electricity from Road Speed Breakers

Free Energy is available all around us in a variety of different forms, it just needs to be appropriately harnessed and used. One such example is our modern streets and roads where thousands of heavy and small vehicles pass everyday non-stop. Electricity from Roads The amount of energy transferred across the roads by these vehicles … Read moreHow to Generate Electricity from Road Speed Breakers

How to Generate Cold Electricity

The post explains how to generate cold electricity using a simple circuit wherein a capacitor is charged with high voltage without consuming any power from the connected battery supply. Using a Single Inductor There used to be an Youtube video illustrating the interesting phenomenon of the generation of cold electricity using just an inductor, a few … Read moreHow to Generate Cold Electricity

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