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Free Energy Bicycle Generator Circuit

Free Energy Bicycle Generator Circuit

The following post describes a simple circuit idea which can be used for generating free electrical energy for illuminating a few safety flashing LEDs on a  Bicycle.

The Circuit Concept

A bicycle like any other modern vehicle needs provision of lighting system for its use at night or cycling in lesser light. Usually a bicycle is designed with the front light and the back light, being red in colour. The front light is often fitted with a cycle using a dynamo system.

A dynamo generates alternating current by causing a friction in the tyre.

This actually slows down the speed and the cyclist has to paddle with more power to generate speed. Another kind of lighting can run through battery which is usually a detachable device.

But what if a situation when there is no need of dynamo, neither depending on battery for a bicycle light?

The introduction of an innovative system called ‘Safety Flashing Light’ has solved the purpose.

It not only helps to eradicate the concept of battery or dynamo system; it indeed offers more powerful light and longer standby compared to the other types.

This new electrical generating system has already created a sparkle in the bicycle market for its efficiency and ease-of-use.

How the Free Energy Bicycle Generator with Safety Flashing Light Works?

The Safety Flashing Light is designed in a way to handle all possible situations when driving a bicycle. For instance, a cycle when running in slower speed; two white-front LEDs and three red-rear LEDs flashes to make others notice on its presence.

In the case of standby mode, when the rear-wheel break is applied, the front and back LEDs gets activated. The lights are very bright and it can be noticed even in daylight.

Even no maintenance is needed, which made the operation hassle-free and easier to operate. The Safety Flash Light also works perfectly even on a rainy day.

This light system uses 8000-12000mcd LEDs for an optimum performance.

By: Dhrubajyot​i Biswas

Circuit Diagram


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