Making a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Circuit

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a kind of “free energy device” which has the property of converting temperature into electricity. In this post we learn a little about this concept and find out how we can use it to generate electricity from heat and cold. What’s TEG In one of my earlier articles I have … Read moreMaking a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Circuit

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator ( MEG )

A term MEG refers to motionless electromagnetic generator circuit which is designed to generate electrical energy without using any moving components or involving any kind of mechanical stages. How a MEG Device Woks The device is made solely through a strategic placement and interaction of permanent magnets, coils and a ferromagnetic core. The specialty of … Read moreMotionless Electromagnetic Generator ( MEG )

Generate Electricity from Regenerative Braking System for Vehicles

Whenever brakes are applied in any vehicle, a lot of energy is wasted in the process of stopping the vehicle mass and again restoring the mass back to its original speed. The simple idea designed by me appears to be quite effective in solving this issue. Let’s learn more about this simple regenerative braking concept. … Read moreGenerate Electricity from Regenerative Braking System for Vehicles

Free Energy Generator Circuit – The N-Machine

When this free energy generator called the N-Machine was developed by the famous physicist Bruce DePalma he could implement a 100 kilowatt generator right in his garage with ordinary tools. His machine could power his entire house electrical completely free of cost, forever. But sadly he could never use it since making such device or … Read moreFree Energy Generator Circuit – The N-Machine

Make Free Drinking Water from Sea Water

The post explains a cheap yet effective method of desalinating large quantities of sea water into free drinking water at home. The idea was requested by Mr. Mike. Technical Specifications This is Mike Cardenas and am writing to you with reference to your invention of a Solar Water desalination set-up from 2011 which I came … Read moreMake Free Drinking Water from Sea Water

How to Generate Free Electricity Using a Flywheel

In this article we investigate the flywheel concept and learn how it may be used for charging batteries and also enhance to work at the overunity level. What is a Flywheel According to Wikipedia, A flywheel is a spinning mechanized machine utilized to stock and release rotational power. Flywheels are seen to possess an inertia, … Read moreHow to Generate Free Electricity Using a Flywheel

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