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How to Drive a Relay through an Opto-Coupler

The following post describes how to drive a relay by using an isolated method, or through an opto-coupler device. The question was asked by one of the interested members of this blog, Miss Vineetha. Before studying the proposed design, let’s first understand how an opto coupler works. How an Opto-Coupler Works An opto-coupler is a device  which encapsules … Read moreHow to Drive a Relay through an Opto-Coupler

Understanding SG3525 IC Pinouts

The article explains the pinout functions of the IC SG3525 which is a regulating pulse width modulator IC. Let’s understand in details: Main Technical Features The main features of the IC SG3525 may be understood with the following points: Operating voltage = 8 to 35V Error amp reference voltage internally regulated to 5.1V Oscillator frequency … Read moreUnderstanding SG3525 IC Pinouts

Comparing MOSFETs with BJTransistors – Pros and Cons

The post comprehensively discusses the the similarities and difference between mosfets and BJTs and also their particular pros and cons. Introduction When we talk of electronics, one name becomes extremely related or rather common with this subject and that is the transistors, more precisely the BJT. Electronics is in fact based on these outstanding and indispensable member, without which … Read moreComparing MOSFETs with BJTransistors – Pros and Cons

How to Replace a Transistor (BJT) with a MOSFET

In this post we discuss the method of correctly replacing a BJT with a Mosfet, without affecting the final outcome of the circuit. Introduction Until mosfets arrived in the field of electronics, transistors or BJTs to be precise ruled the power switching circuits and applications. Though even Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) can not be ignored … Read moreHow to Replace a Transistor (BJT) with a MOSFET

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