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4 LED Temperature Indicator Circuit

The 4 LED temperature indicator circuit discussed here is very useful for getting a visual information regarding the state of temperature which is to be monitored. Circuit Operation In the circuit temperature status is displayed using four LEDs. – A green LED, indicating that the temperature is in the desirable level – Two yellow LEDs … Read more4 LED Temperature Indicator Circuit

Temperature Triggered DC Fan Speed Controller

This fan speed controller works by sensing the temperature of the engine and is accordingly used for the triggering. As the temperature increases so does the speed of the fan motor and vice versa. Circuit Operation Operation of the proposed temperature controlled fan may be understood as follows: The speed of the DC motor alters … Read moreTemperature Triggered DC Fan Speed Controller

Temperature to Voltage Converter Circuit

The post explains a simple temperature to voltage converter circuit using IC LM317. The idea was requested by one of the dedicated members of this blog. Technical Specifications I have eurotherm TS200A temperature controller.this is thyrister based. This required 0-5V control voltage. I want one temperature control circuit when temperature is 25deg C the voltage … Read moreTemperature to Voltage Converter Circuit

Solar Powered Induction Heater Circuit

In this post we discuss an induction cooker/heater design which may be powered from a solar panel voltage. The idea was requested by Mr. Vamshee Technical Specifications My name is Vamshee and i am from hyderabad , India I am a small time entrepreneur looking to promote and sell new age products into the market … Read moreSolar Powered Induction Heater Circuit

2 Useful Energy Saver Solder Iron Station Circuits

In this post we learn how to build a energy efficient soldering iron station circuit for achieving maximum power saving from the unit, by ensuring that it is automatically switched OFF when not being used for sometime. Written and Submitted By: Abu-Hafss DESIGN#1: OBJECTIVE To design a circuit for solder iron which would not only … Read more2 Useful Energy Saver Solder Iron Station Circuits

Induction Heater Circuit Using IGBT (Tested)

In this post we comprehensively discuss how to build a high power 1000 watt induction heater circuit using IGBTs which are considered to be the most versatile and powerful switching devices, even superior to mosfets. Induction Heater Working Principle The principle on which induction heating works is very simple to understand. A magnetic field of … Read moreInduction Heater Circuit Using IGBT (Tested)

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