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Free Energy Generator Circuit – The N-Machine

Free Energy Generator Circuit – The N-Machine

When this free energy generator called the N-Machine was developed by the famous physicist Bruce DePalma he could implement a 100 kilowatt generator right in his garage with ordinary tools. His machine could power his entire house electrical completely free of cost, forever.

The real N Machine by Bruce DePalma

But sadly he could never use it since making such device or using it was forbidden, and he knew that the government would come and confiscate his machine.

DePalma completed his studies from Harvard university and later taught physics at the Massachusetts.

Institute of Technology for over a period of 15 years.

According to his claim, the free electricity generator developed by him has the potentials of  providing inexpensive, unlimited, self sustaining, and a pollution free source of energy through principles that simply flout the laws as laid down by conventional physics.

Free Energy from DePalma's N Machine

Mr. DePalma claims that his N Machine could pluck out the "free energy" inherently concealed in the space all around us.

He strongly believes that his invention could simply put an end to the ever growing energy demand, which is dangerously dependent on a limited stock of polluting oil and gas reserves.

The design of DePalma's N Machine is simple, it incorporates a copper disc magnetized through clamped two adjacent disc magnets, and a central axle with oil assisted ball bearings.

When rotated at high speeds through an external motor drive, an electrical power is developed across the central axle and the outer circumference of the copper disc which amazingly exceeds 2 to 3 times than the drive power utilized for running it.

Experts are Skeptical

This result blatantly defies the standard laws of thermodynamics, according to which an output energy from any device can never exceed its input power.

All expert physicist just refuse to pay attention and dismiss DePalma's discovery because they believe that anything that does not obey the standard laws physics cannot be authentic.

However, DePalma apparently proved his invention when he built and presented a large N Machine nicknamed the sunburst, in 1978 in Santa Barbara, California.

The Sunburst machine was privately tested by Dr. Robert Kincheloe, professor at emeritus of electrical engineering at Stanford University.

500% Efficiency Rate

According to his report presented to the society fort scientific exploration, San Fransisco in the year 1986, the N machine created by DePalma exhibited only 13 to 20 percent drag Resistance compared to the conventional high grade motors operating at 100% efficiency, which implies that the N Machine was capable of generating a 500% efficiency results...or a 5 times more output than what it consumed to operate.

In Kincheloe's cautious summary:

"DePalma may have been correct in that there is certainly a condition here wherin energy is being acquired from an unknown and unexplained source earlier not identified.

This is a conclusion that many researchers and physicists would dismiss without consideration, and it may be a violation of prevalent laws of physics and if this at all works may result in severe implications".

"The jury is still out on the DePalma N machine," says physicist Harold Puthoff, a senior fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Austin, Texas.

"It isn't apparent where the reported overunity energy is emanating from--whether it's out of the electromagnetic field or due to some anomaly connected with rotating elements relating to inertia.

The DePalma Nmachine should be manufactured on a large scale to verify if it really works as per the reports.

Though I'm quite skeptical, I to a great extent would love to encourage independent laboratory trials.

Although such an occurrence would have appeared to be completely opposed to the law of energy conservation many years back, we presently acknowledge that the prospects for extracting energy out of so called empty space is in fact a definite possibility".

The Power of Magnetism

According to DePalma, the space all around us is like an ocean where we are like fishes swimming in it. The only way to identify its presence is by forcing it to distort by some means, and the easiest device which can be used for forcing a distortion is through a magnet.

While working at MIT as a professor in physics during his tenure of 15 years, DePalma could feel an increasing unhappiness cropping in him against conventional physics and its laws.

The views expressed by him would hit the traditional scientific thinkers as heresy.

Energy can be Created and Destroyed

For instance, according to the traditional scientific concept, energy is strictly a constant parameter across the entire universe, and a transformation of energy from one form to another will cause a heat-death of the universe eons, however DePalma's views are totally different to this, according to him the universe is an open ended place.

This allows you to evoke energy from the space itself, and this extraction or release of energy from space can be initiated through many different ways, the simplest being by igniting a match stick or by rubbing two sticks together.

Example of a Candle

Let's take the example of a candle, when we ignite a candle, the lighting up of the candle and its sustained heat becomes possible by the extraction of latent energy inside the wax, this is what we all know according to the conventional....... that's rubbish says DePalma.

The law of conservation of energy is just an assumption...according to DePalma's belief the flame of the candle derives its energy directly from the space and the wax is gradually consumed by this energy of space flowing through it.

Quite identically when a car runs, according to the conventional science, heat is derived from the latent energy inside the gasoline, isn't it? Nope, that's incorrect.

The Molecular Antenna Theory

The actual process takes place with the action of the gasoline and the air mixture, catalyzed by the ignition spark, together behaving like a "molecular antenna" for initiating the extraction of energy from space. Heat energy thus obtained in the process burns the gasoline, producing exhaust.

Magnet is another simple tool which can be used to distort the space and unlock the abundantly available energy from it. Since magnetism is never consumed like wax or gasoline, it possess the ability to extract this free energy without getting exhausted and infinitely.

In his free energy generator or the N machine, DePalma believes that the electrical current is sucked from the space itself with the help of the magnets, and not due to the action of the magnet/conductor rotation, as may be assumed by conventional physics.

Inspired from Homopolar Generator

The N Machine was actually inspired by Michael Faraday's world famous Homopolar generator, which first time in history introduced a  perplexing working condition of a  motor where the rotor and the stator both were rotating together over a common central axis.

According to the conventional science, in order to generate electricity from magnet, it was imperative for either the rotor or the stator to remain stationery so that the magnetic lines of flux could cut through the conductor while the one of the elements was rotated.

How Homopolar Generator Works

However in Faraday's homopolar generator, both, the conductor and the magnet were clamped together and were in a rotating mode and the outcome was an electricity being generated across the central axis and the outer circumference of the conductor.

To be precise, the homolpolar generator had a central copper disc sandwiched between two identical permanent magnet discs. When this assembly was rotated at a relatively high speed, a potential difference could be seen developing across the center and the outer rim of the copper disc.

This outcome was baffling, since according to the conventional science this was impossible due to the fact that the magnetic field was moving in phase with the conductor so there was no possibility of the lines of flux alternating through the conductor and therefore there was no chance of any electricity inducing in the conductor?

The above concept was ignored since 1831, until 1978 when DePalma revived the plans and could improve the homopolar generator concept into his version of a working free energy device called the N machine, also nicknamed sunburst machine.

Full Design of the N Machine

The following image shows the actual  layout design of the N machine:

Full constructional design of N Machine by Bruce DePalma

The above diagram provides us with a reasonably clear picture of the proposed free energy generator which can be easily replicated  using our own imagination and improvements.

The following diagram drawn by me shows a tweaked design of the N machine, which can be further improved by the user through the process of experimentation.

Practical Design

N machine free energy magnet generator machine parts details

Referring to the shown diagram above, and discussed in the earlier sections, we can witness the main parts of the machine, which are as follows:

How the Setup Works

A central copper disc made out of many parallel thin copper discs stuck together firmly. This copper is sandwiched between two strong permanent magnets with the shown north south poles across the copper disc.

This assembly is clamped and sealed to make a single unit having a common central hole for the rotating shaft.

The central shaft is fitted over two high grade, hermetically sealed ball bearing assembly across the two sides of the magnet/copper disc.

The ball bearing are tightly held by two aluminum axle like terminations which are in turn bolted with the inner wall of the wooden box in which the entire machine is enclosed.

The outer edge of the copper disc can be seen attached to a carbon brush fitting.

The output for collecting the free overunity electricity is derived by connecting the load across the connections from the central axle (linked with the copper disc center, and the brushed attachment (linked with the copper disc outer edge).

At the right side of the ball bearing ring, we can see a pulley wheel, which needs to be belted with an external drive motor for initiating the copper/magnet disc into a high speed rotation and for generating current across the indicated output terminals.

Huge Free Amps

When rotated at around 3000 RPM, this assembly may be witnessed to be outputting a massive amount of current but at a very low voltage across the output.

The voltage generated may be actually too trivial, could be in millivolts, may be around 500mV to 1V...but the current could be well over 1000 to 10,000 amps or more depending upon the size of the discs, and the speed of rotation.

A boost converter circuit or a transformer could be employed for converting this low voltage into a higher voltage level and stepping up the potential to the desired normal levels..

The product of the generated V x I could apparently cross well over the watts consumed by the drive motor, resulting in an overunity conditions.

The polarity of the current across the output terminals depends on the direction of the rotation.

The above content explicitly explains the making of the free energy generator or the N machine, which looks quite simple actually but might require enormous amount of precision and care in order to actually implement the expected overunity results.


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  3. This idea us good one. In my own opinions laws are created and can be broken also. It may be that we aren’t as smart as we think and so we shun this idea. Who knows maybe in the next millennium, the humans might break this law( Law of conservation of Energy). Anything is possible under the sun.

  4. I’m sorry, but DePalma’s theories can’t be serious.
    Remember E = mc^2?
    If DePalma where right, why he didn’t make the machine?
    You can grab “free” energy from enviroment arround you, like sun light, termal energy, mechanical energy from the wind or sea, etc… but it’s is not possible violate thermodinamics laws. If was possibble, we could bypass speed light, but we can’t.

    beste regards.

    • Dear sir, people are not researching, by large, what alternative science / home experimenters / Black Budget projects / Secret Sciences have acieve the past 150 years. Studies show that Nicola Tesla proved Albert Einstein wrong regards his most fundemental establisment equation, which you indicate above. Secondly, De Palma built a massive N-Machine which is on display, and it can power a house, etc. Further, Nicola Tesla, with his many experiments and patents, including non-patented inventions has proved established scientific mainstream theories wrong / semi-wrong / semi true / very much outdated, etc. To mention but one energy amplification simple technique that I myself have built and tested: A induction hot plate standard or modified frequency circuit can be used to amplify power by a factor of six, very easily, by simply using a bifilar pancake coil or two, instead of a cooking utensil, on the induction cooker surface. Myself and also J. Naudin labs have proven this fact and you can go see his experiments on Internet or YOU-TUBE. Further, Naudin has made his experiment to be self powering. you can unplug it from the wall socket and it runs for hours on end, powering many thousands of watts of 230 volt tungsten filament globes. Further, Donal Lee Smith experiments and videos / lectures teaches you how to get 50 KVA to Mega to Gigawatts from relatively small devices, of which some can put on a kitchen table with very much space to serve breakfast on. The education science books need to be updated to these proven technologies, but it won’t, soon, except for Japan, who has woken up somewhat and is updating school technical books. With the induction cooker simple experiment I got 6,000 watts output at 220 Volts on tube 1,000 X 6 Watt 220 Volt bulbs, while using 220 Volt input at 1,600 Watts power consumption, without modifying my induction cooker device. If you modify the circuit to higher input voltages and tripple or quadriple the pulsing frequency, then the results in output will be mind-blowing, similar to Donald Lee Smith devices. Please study these inventors and encourage everyone to benefit from this new methodologies. Besides this, Professor G. Markov has simply rewound a simple iron transformer in a new fashion and has achieved 32 times overunity output minimum with other benefits that is impossible in conventional science books! If you modify his concept further, together with the above and other inventors sucesses, then the worlds pollution problem and energy problem is solved. This is not pie in the sky speak. It is already being done on this planet and off of this planet! The people are just unaware of it or fast asleep. I work with this technology – and yes, I am politically incorrect with death threats over my head…and some of my inventor friends have been killed in US and elsewhere on this planet.
      SPEED OF LIGHT: Bully-beans university speak: We are already traveling extremely faster than light – very, very much faster!!!! Please peruse USA / USSR patents and see the massive USA intergalactic cruise war ships and mother and fighter ships in opperation [including anti-gravity drives, warp speeds, folding of space technology, time travel, worm-hole technology, etc] at least the past 30 years… Our past civilazations have done Intergalactic travel and there are space ships parked on the moon of more than one civilazation, there is giant ships to be seen in photographs of Earth probes passing the bigger planets in our solar system, and much more that I dare not say here today. Search for truth people! Search for Truth! They are lying to the public on this planet. The sheople is not suppose to know more than the controlled media reveals to you at the present time…
      Kind regards, pierre le grande at LGI INTERSTELLAR, South frica [And NO, this is no joke!]

    • O, by the way, the best working patents in free energy is confiscated and suppressed usually under national security laws or military clauses… So I personally now patent at LGI Interstellar only. The rest we are now releasing for free to the public, but very selectively.
      pierre le grande at LGI Interstellar.

  5. "All expert physicist just refuse to pay attention and dismiss DePalma's discovery because they believe that anything that does not obey the standard laws physics cannot be authentic."

    With respect, me too!

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