ir1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

As usual my friend Mr. Steven is yet again busy with his strange paranormal related experiments. This time he uses an Infrared camera to capture a snap of something that in the present world we recognize and detect as ghosts.


Night vision equipment set up for observing invisible ufos in the infrared spectrum, and things in the dark.



ir1 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

In this picture is a high power infrared spotlight i got from xxxx electronics, a ghost hunter team i was told brought 5 of these so they must be good.

Using a Tripod

In this picture i modified a small tripod i once brought from the good samaritain industries for cheap, so its now holding one spotlight from xxxx electronics, the madington store had none instock so i drove to xxxx electronics in rockingham to get 2 of them.


ir2 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera


Here is it again so you can see the black plate stand, in the top picture i took it off in order to fit it onto the small mini tripod stand.

The cataloge number for these spotlights is qc3652 and cost $59,95 in the front with all these infrared leds is a night daya sensor which automatically turns the spotlight on in the night time and off in the daytime.

The details for the suitable and recomended power supplies for these is not in the online, xxxx electronics cataloge but in the actual cataloge itself.


ir3 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera


This is the recomended power supply to power these spotlights.

The details are, cataloge number mp3282 price $14,95

This is a switch mode power supply 12 volts dc at 400 milliamps unregulated dc. Which is recommended.

This is another one that’s said to be suitable but stick to this one, for the time being.


ir4 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera


IR Spotlight Camera

Here's my second IR spotlight easily fitted to a video camera tripod with great ease with a simple modification.


ir5 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera


Here's the side view, and by pulling out a lever the whole top square section the spotlight is attached to comes out,


ir6 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

Here's a closer view, see the black lever facing you and above the adjust handle with silver stem; just pull that out to release the whole spotlight from the stand.

The ir leds look lit up but it’s the flash from my camera making it look so.



ir7 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

Now once i get the simple recommended switch mode power supply, all i need is to get a inverter to use with my car to covert the 12 volts from my car battery to ac power to power the power supply,
And of course i used my cameras tripod for the second infrared spotlight ill get another for it.

Waiting to Capture a Ghost Snap

So i can drive out into the bush and set it all up and wait to see what i get. Or use it at home to see what's in the neighborhood invisible and in the sky at nights.

Note these infrared spotlights have 56 infrared leds and will enable infrared or monochrome cameras to operate in zero lux conditions.

In the 2013 xxxx electronics catalogue it says the range is 30 meters but in the instructions in the box they come in it says 40 meters. So that’s excellent.


ir8 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

Here's some details and pictures of my digital pocket video recorder, i converted to full spectrum infrared and

this i brought years ago at k mart armadale perth western Australia for around $145 dollars i think it was, the incredible thing about these is that you can place its lens piece against the eye piece of a pair of binoculars and get the same magnified long range zoom on its digital screen as you can see through the binoculars with your own eyes

just hold the pocket video cameras lens up against the eye peace lens of a pair of binoculars and get real close ups like as if you see when you look through the binoculars , you can take pictures and video through the same binoculars with the pocket camera lens place into the binocular eye peace .


ir9 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camerair10 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera

There you go place the digital zoom lens part against the 12x 50 or more binocular eye peace and you ll have long range close ups and increased zoom that the handy cam is capable of i shot video of a high altitude aircraft with vapour trail over byford perth a few years ago, and got better closeup and zoom through the pair of binoculars than the pocket video recorder was capable of   alone.

Today is the first day of the new year of 2014, january

And i brought my new super low lux, jvc everio gz-ex355baa
Video cam, from jb hi f i in armadale perth western Australia.

And the user manual i downloaded from the internet very detailed so it will take some experimenting to get used to using it .

Ghosts and also UFOs

but to make things easier i googled some videos shot with the same video cam and even the night moon video footage was very clear and close to see , couldn't see any ufos in them as claimed by the person who uploaded these videos, except one which you can see a self illuminated glowing pulsing orb on the edge of the dark side of the moon in it .

No ones tried to test its ability to see in the infrared spectrum yet but ill do that tomorrow when i get my ir spotlight power supply. These video cams have some cool things they can do even slow motion and high speed video -ing so that may be useful in captureing high speed ufos.

Today the 2/1/2013 i brought the power supplies to test my 2x infrared spotlights out, i got the one they recamended in the xxxx electronics catalogue   and also the one they said was suitable,

now lets look at the details in the box the IR spotlights came in it says 12 volts dc less than 400 milliamps but the recamended power supply is 1 and a half amps, much more than what the ir details say, but it works anyhow, and also the 12 volts 400 ma one to so at first they didn't come on cause i forgot about the light sensor that makes them switch on only when dark  so  i put my finger across them and they come on .

Picture with Apparent Ghost like Shadow

I used my pocket video camera modified tro see in the full spectrum and i was pleased so i have to do the night test yet top see how much illumination i can see and how far it goes in range.

The 1.5a 2 volts dc power supply is a switch mode regulated plug pack, and the 2 volts dc 400 milliamps power supply is a switch mode regulated ac adaptor.
Its xxxx electronics catalouge number is mp-3147 and the other power supply catalogue number is mp-3486.

Ive just conducted my first night tests of the 2 high powered infrared spotlights with both power supplies and my full spectrum pocket cam corder can see well in the well litup dining room of the house but i dident have it set to night mode so the picture i got wasn't clear.


ir11 1 - Detecting Ghosts Using Infrared Camera


Analyzing the Black Shadow

Whats that black thing near the table looks like a black dog, we don’t have dogs here only birds.. If it’s a shadow effect its very strange.

Now ill be searching for a larger video cam to modify into night vision for better pictures and videos.

As ill then have a larger lens in the video cam.

The whole picture above was shot in the dark with my modified pocket video cam and the whole area was illuminated by one of my high powered infrared spotlights.

This was a practice shot have to get a better clearer shot yet in time. I was standing back more when i took this picture so more testing to do yet. And another better ,camera to get and modify for the best pictures and night vision videos.


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  2. Hello mr. Swagatam, i'm one of your keen reader, so i really need ur assistance. What i want from u is to help me in building a a 48×8 led scrolling display using pic. Want it to scroll from right to left, then left to right with different eye catching effect @ varying speed. The hardware part of it would not be so difficult for me, my challange is the SOURCE CODE that will display A-Z, a-z, o-9 including 'space' pls help me overcome this this problem thanks

  3. Dear Sir,

    I m having a regular DSL modem. I want it to make wireless (or wifi). I checked in local market but it is very expensive. Can you help me in this regard by a cheap solution.



  4. Dearest Swagatam,

    I wonder if "non visible entities" can trip a very sensitive PIR arrangement. A camera lens can focus on a PIR sensor, making it very sensitive within the focused image area.

    I am a non-Tibetan Buddhist, and I tend to believe that there are many things which exist, that we simply cannot see with our natural eyes, just as we cannot accurately sense the passage of time without external instrumentation.

    –All my best,

    • Hi Patricia,

      I don't have much idea regarding paranormal things, may be because i haven't yet come across with any, but yes a PIR may be the right device to sense these entities, however it will need to extremely sensitive to actually pin point them….specialized lenses to focus the beams could the right approach and could be definitely tried.

  5. …. Also, from my film photography days… When using infrared film, most lenses needed to be focused approximately 30% in front of the focal plane, in order to provide a sharp image. You may recall the "red dot" on many lenses.. You focused normally,and then turned your focus distance to the "red dot" instead…

    This may account for the blurry images typically associated with infrared digital photography….

  6. How can I use my IR modified SONY camcorder to skywatching for UFO's at night being that it is necessary for an external light to illuminate objects? I see allot of YouTube videos of UFO's caught in IR at night? Is it just the light from the anomilies or do they have a sophisticated system with a telescope & big $$ extras??? Can I just point up & shoot? Do I use my IR pass filter? (650-950nm) Please help. Also, to skywatching in the day I got around the "not beingable to use night-shot/X-ray in the daytime" just by screwing on an 950nm IR pass filter. I use a modified Sony Cx-230 & have a few stock Sony's (DCR-SR45, SR51 & the DCR-SR200 "incredible camcorder!" Also have a DSC-V1. Thanx. I'm also a paranormal investigator…

    • although I am not very knowledgeable regarding these equipment, I think you could probably try pointing and shooting directly towards the sky with the IR pass filter ON, but only on a clear night, not during day time

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