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Making a Self-Powered Generator

Who wouldn’t like to see a self-powered motor generator running at home and powering the desired appliances non-stop, absolutely free of cost. We discuss the details of a few such circuits in this article. A free energy enthusiast from South Africa who doesn’t want to reveal his name has generously shared the details of his … Read moreMaking a Self-Powered Generator

Arduino PWM Signal Generator Circuit

how to generate pulse width modulation or PWM using Arduino

In this post we elaborately study how to make an Arduino based PWM signal generator circuit, which can be set or adjusted with a potentiometer or a pot to any preferred duty cycle ratio. By Ankit Negi  WHAT IS PWM? pwm or pulse width modulation as the name itself suggest is  modulation of width of … Read moreArduino PWM Signal Generator Circuit

Arduino SPWM Generator Circuit – Code Details and Diagram

In this post we learn how to generate sine wave pulse-width-modulation or SPWM through Arduino, which can be used for making a pure sine wave inverter circuit or similar gadgets. The Arduino code is developed by me, and it is my first Arduino code, …and it looks pretty good 🙂 What is SPWM I have … Read moreArduino SPWM Generator Circuit – Code Details and Diagram

RPM Controller Circuit for Diesel Generators

The post discusses a diesel generator RPM controller circuit for boats using PWM technique and also using a simple triac shunt circuit. The idea was requested by Mr. Dave. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I have been looking with interest at your electronic circuits web site and would appreciate it you could comment on the following … Read moreRPM Controller Circuit for Diesel Generators

Making a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Circuit

A thermoelectric generator (TEG) is a kind of “free energy device” which has the property of converting temperature into electricity. In this post we learn a little about this concept and find out how we can use it to generate electricity from heat and cold. What’s TEG In one of my earlier articles I have … Read moreMaking a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Circuit

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