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LED Chaser Circuits – Knight Rider, Scanner, Predator, Slow Fade

The article discusses the construction of six best LED chaser circuits, which not only create beautiful running light effect but are also easy to build. We also discuss how to modify these into a design popularly known as “knight rider” chaser circuit. These primarily incorporate LEDs as well as mains operated bulbs through triacs. The … Read moreLED Chaser Circuits – Knight Rider, Scanner, Predator, Slow Fade

Multilevel 5 Step Cascaded Sine Wave Inverter Circuit

In this article we learn how to make a multilevel (5 step) cascaded inverter circuit using a very simple concept developed by me. Let’s learn more regarding the details. The Circuit Concept In this website so far I have developed, designed and introduced many sine wave inverter circuits using straightforward concepts and ordinary components such … Read moreMultilevel 5 Step Cascaded Sine Wave Inverter Circuit

Simple Scrolling RGB LED Circuit

A simple RGB (Red, Green, Blue) moving or scrolling LED display can be made using a few 4017 ICs. Let’s learn the procedure in detail. Understanding RGB LED RGB LEDs have become quite popular these days due to its three-in-one color feature, and because these can be driven independently using three distinct supply sources. I … Read moreSimple Scrolling RGB LED Circuit

Simple RGB LED Controller Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a simple RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED controller circuit which may be designated to flash a group of RGB LEDs with a particular sequencing pattern. The idea was requested by Mr. Navdeep. Technical Specifications i want to make a display board with red, green and blue leds. … Read moreSimple RGB LED Controller Circuit

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