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How to Manufacture Automobile Electronic Parts and Earn a Handsome Income

To set up an auto electrical manufacturing unit, it's important to have a thorough knowledge regarding the various technicalities associated with the field. The article makes a comprehensive approach and explains all the issues related to the subject.


We begin with the basic raw materials and man power required for the intended installations and further proceed with the list of electronic parts that can be manufactured and sold in the relevant markets.

The products that are included for the production are flasher buzzers, piezo buzzers, CDI units, musical horns, auto testing machine etc. How these can be made is also explained through discrete articles, linked in the sections.

Among most electronic products, the ones which are associated with automobiles are probably the largest selling types and are always in demand. Manufacturing these items and selling is surely a lucrative business. Here we discuss the procedures in details.

Today one thing that’s common with all of us is that we all want to earn money. However, with the population that’s ever growing, all sources of earning money are being quickly captured, resulting in a cut-throat competition in every field.

It’s feasible to make a way out from this intense competition only if you can manage an area where you are the master, and are able to create a monopoly.

The auto market today has become huge and with tremendous opportunities, but also it’s flooded with some tough competitors.

Since vehicles cannot work without electricity and other associated electronic accessories, the products related to these have cropped up extensively and you can find a whole range of all sorts of electronic products, some of which are mandatorily used while some are just for decoration purposes.
Whatever may be the seriousness of the application, electronic products have become today an integral part with all types of vehicles.

Thus, auto electronics is probably one such field where you can expect some good money, provided you are equipped with all the know-how required for the initial manufacturing set ups.

In this article we are going to discus the technical aspects required for setting up an auto electronic manufacturing plant for TWO-WHEELERS and THREE-WHEELERS, small though. However here we won’t discuss the legal procedures involved, like acquiring VAT number, CST number etc.

The following steps provide some crucial data regarding earning money by manufacturing auto electrical products:

What Electronic Products can be Manufactured for the Two-Wheeler Auto Market?

There are probably a host of them which you can choose from, or rather go for the entire range. Supplying or keeping the whole range will provide you with a better chance of fairing among the many vying vendors.

The items commonly associated with two/three wheelers are the side indicators, CDI units, rectifiers, buzzers, melody maker horn, etc.

To begin a manufacturing plant for producing the above auto electrical items, you would first want to acquire a space with a descent area; preferably a 20 by 40 sq ft will be ideal and sufficient to begin with.

You would also require fixing some furniture in the form of a long narrow table closely attached to the longer wall and a few number of chairs that can be accommodated.

This set up is required for implementing the production process by lining up the workers so that the assemblies can be done in the most efficient manner.

The workers who would be responsible for assembling the electronic parts will need important and useful tools like the soldering iron, wire nipper, wire stripper, soldering paste, thinner etc. so all these must be procured in required numbers.

The engineers may require more sophisticated tools like multitester, desolder pump/wik, magnifying glass, power supply etc. along with the above mentioned tools. Procure all of these as per the requirements.

We are assuming that the workers required for carrying out the procedures would be appropriately employed, so we are not discussing how they can be contacted and interviewed etc.

After the initial set ups as discussed above are done, it’s time to select the items and chalk out the procedures plans. It would include the following points:

There should be at least one product that has the potentials to run through out the year, under all odds. Make it the base of your company’s production line.

Manufacture buzzer Parts

Manufacturing Piezo Buzzer

As an example you may select the buzzer unit, as it’s the easiest to assemble, finish, and sell, moreover the concerned raw materials are easily available.

However this product may carry pretty low profit margins and you would need to sell tons of them to actually witness any significant income, but can be rest assured a steady flow of income through out the season.

You can refer to this circuit of a simple buzzer. it’s the simplest in design and widely used all across the world for automobile applications, especially in conjunction with side turn signal or flasher units.

The next type of selected product would be the one which sells like “hot cake” in the market, has reasonably less competition and has the potentials of providing fairly high profit margins.

You can assess the product and insist the engineers to do improvements in the form of cost cutting or adding new features into the product, so that it can stand out from the rest of the brands. This will give you an edge while introducing your product in the market.

Manufacturing Flasher with Buzzer

A flasher with buzzer is one such item which satisfies the above conditions, I have already published an improved and low cost flasher buzzer circuit, for your refernce

Manufacture CDI auto Parts


Manufacturing Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) Units

CDI units are another indispensable auto part which can be manufactured and sold with good profit margins. You can find it in Bright Hub, just type the relevant words in the given in-site Google search box.

You can refer this article to know how to make a two-three wheeler CDI circuit.

Having discussed the manufacturing process, testing these circuits for accuracy and reliability can become a crucial issue. A suitable auto part testing machine therefore becomes imperative, without which the whole set up may fail or jeopardize.

If you inquire about such a universal auto part testing machine, you would probably get it at very high costs. In Pune (India), Teckson Electronics has the monopoly of manufacturing these machines, and they charge an awful Rs.12000/- for each of them.

I investigated the mechanism and developed my own version at less than Rs. 600/- which is more efficient, and more reliable than the above unit. The complete design will be comprehensively discussed in one of my forthcoming articles.

That’s all what may be basically required and concludes the fundamental technical procedures involved with setting up an electronic auto part manufacturing unit.


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