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Cree XLamp XM-L LED Datasheet

Cree XLamp XM-L LED Datasheet

The XLamp XM-LED can be considered as the highest performing, single die solid state LED module which is able to produce lights at ultra bright intensities. Let's learn it's datasheet, specifications.

High Illumination Efficacy

Due to it's ultra bright and high efficiency values, the Xlamp becomes highly suitable for applications such as in automotive headlamps, stadium flood lights, for home lighting, street lighting, practically anywhere which requires high illumination at minimum space and consumption.

To be precise an Xlamp is able to generate 1000 lumen with 100 lumen per watt efficacy.

The main features which makes this breakthrough device exceptionally desirable for lighting applications may be studied with the following data:

Main Electrical Specifications

  1. Operating current: 3000 mA or 3 Amps
  2. Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  3. Low thermal resistance: 2.5 °C/W
  4. Maximum junction temperature: 150 °C
  5. Viewing angle: 125°
  6. Available in cool white, 80‑CRIminimum neutral white and 80‑CRI, 85‑CRI and 90‑CRI warm white
  7. ANSI‑compatible chromaticity bins
  8. Infinite Store life at ≤ 30 ºC/85% RH
  9. Re flow solderable - JEDEC J‑STD‑020C
  10. Electrically neutral thermal path
  11. RoHS- and REACh‑compliant
  12. UL-recognized component (E349212)

How to Drive a Cree Xlamp XM-LED

Since the the performance and life of the Cree Xlamp is inversely proportional to its junction temperature, a high quality current controlled driver becomes a must for operating these ultra bright LEDs. Let's learn a few of the application circuits for safely driving  the proposed LED devices.

Applying In Automotive Headlights.

When used for automotive headlamp applications, the following circuit may be employed:

For Home Lighting

The same circuit may be used  for home lighting applications, the design is given below:

For all applications, the LEDs must be mounted on suitable heatsinks for getting optimal performance.

For more info on this, you may refer to the original datasheet


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  1. Hi, is this circuit can be used for automotive headlight purpose where input volt with be 12~15v. Also can we able to connect Cree XML T6 10w led X 3 Nos? and what will be the output Amp.

  2. you can use 105/400v as the capacitor but include a thermister at the input to prevent LED damage and blackening.

  3. which rate of thermistor use for this circuit.474 use after 8 mm led light not enough and it take 19mA when i use 105 it take 39mA .also 56 ohm resister i will use metal oxide type.why led middle came a black point? p[lease explain me to this problem

  4. sir i will made 230v led bulb 8mm 0.5w 55 led for each circuit .when i make this bulb starting give good bright light ,after 2 or 3 month it loss 40 percent light and led chip middle have black point.why loss light of this led please inform to me what the wrong of this circuit
    i use following parts of this circuit
    105 capacitor mylor
    56 ohm 1w resister
    22uf capacitor and 890k,560 k resister 0,25w
    4 pcs diode

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