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Simple Gate Open/Close Controller Circuit

The simple gate open and close controller circuit is designed to operate the gate through a couple of push buttons manually, it can be also modified for implementing the activation through a remote control. How it Works Referring to the shown, simple gate open, close controller circuit below, we can witness a rather straightforward configuration, … Read moreSimple Gate Open/Close Controller Circuit

Make this Electric Scooter/Rickshaw Circuit

The article presents a simple electric scooter circuit design which can be also modified to make an electric auto-rickshaw. The idea was requested by Mr. Steve. The Circuit  Request I was lucky enough to find your blog, really amazing stuff that you’ve managed to design. I’m looking for a DC to DC Step Up and … Read moreMake this Electric Scooter/Rickshaw Circuit

High Wattage Brushless Motor Controller Circuit

This versatile Brushless (BLDC) motor controller IC is featured to control any desired high voltage, high current, hall effect sensor equipped 3-phase BLDC motor with extreme accuracy and safety. Let’s learn the details in depth. Using the IC MC33035 The “hero” of the circuit is the single chip controller MC33035 which is a high performance … Read moreHigh Wattage Brushless Motor Controller Circuit

Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

In this post we investigate what’s a BLDC motor and subsequently we learn regarding the design of a sensorless BLDC motor driver circuit. BLDC CPU Fans Seen those fast moving fans in CPUs, voltage stabilizers, DVD players, and other similar equipment, which work with utmost efficiency, consuming minimum space, current and yet are able to … Read moreSensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

Make this Simple Washing Machine System

In this post we learn how to make a simple washing machine using a single motor and a cam shaft mechanism, cheaply. The Concept Washing machines are costly devices which may not be affordable for a section of the population and also to villagers who even might not have an easy access to these equipment. … Read moreMake this Simple Washing Machine System

Borewell Motor Pump Starter Controller Circuit

The post explains a circuit which controls a submersible borewell motor by operating its red (Start) and green (Stop) buttons, in response to low level, high level water conditions, and also in a condition where the motor may experience a dry run situation. The idea was requested by Mr. Vamsi. Automatic Start/Stop Controller for Borewell … Read moreBorewell Motor Pump Starter Controller Circuit