How to Interface Servo motors with Arduino

In this post we are going to learn what servo motor is, how it functions, how to interface with microcontroller and what make this motor special from other motors. Being an electronics enthusiast we would have come across many kinds of motors, here we are going to take a look at special type of motor … Read moreHow to Interface Servo motors with Arduino

Bluetooth PWM Motor Controller Circuit

The post explains how to use Bluetooth technology for transmitting PWM wirelessly, the circuit application could be used for controlling various appliances such as motors, lights, RC gadgets etc using your Android phone. The Bluetooth PWM Transmitter In one of my earlier posts I explained how to hack and modify a Bluetooth headset for making … Read moreBluetooth PWM Motor Controller Circuit

3 Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller Circuit

In this post we discuss the making of a simple 3 phase induction motor speed controller circuit, which can be also applied for a single phase induction motor or literally for any type of AC motor. When it comes to controlling the speed of induction motors, normally matrix converters are employed, involving many complex stages … Read more3 Phase Induction Motor Speed Controller Circuit

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