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Illuminating an LED using Wireless Power Transmission

In this post we learn how to illuminate an LED using wireless power transmission.   Wireless Power Technology Wireless power is an emerging technology in this present world. But the stunning fact is that it’s a century old concept. This concept was emerged by Nikola Tesla. Charging batteries through wireless power is used in many … Read moreIlluminating an LED using Wireless Power Transmission

How to make simple a LI-FI (Light Fidelity) Circuit

LI-FI is buzzing around the Internet since past few years; recently LI-FI is gained more popularity around the internet and developers. LI-FI stands for Light Fidelity which was coined by Harald Hass. Circuit Objective The objective of LI-FI is transfer data through visible light. Since the bandwidth of visible light is 10,000 times more than … Read moreHow to make simple a LI-FI (Light Fidelity) Circuit

Arduino Random RGB Light Generator Circuit

The  article discusses a simple,Arduino red, green, blue LED light effect generator circuit in a random pattern. In one of the earlier posts we came across a similar RGB LED effect generator circuit using Arduino which was programmed to produce the effect in a flowing sequential manner, whereas here the set up can be expected … Read moreArduino Random RGB Light Generator Circuit

How to Make an RGB Moving Alphabet Display Circuit

This circuit is designed to generate a sequencing pattern over a group of Red, Green, Blue, or RGB LEDs producing a beautiful moving or shifting transition effect from red, to green, to blue and back to red. The main control circuit for the proposed RGB LED alphabet chaser circuit can be witnessed below, consisting of … Read moreHow to Make an RGB Moving Alphabet Display Circuit

Rotating Beacon LED Simulator Circuit

The post explains a simple LED flashing beacon circuit which exactly simulates a rotating police beacon light by generating alternating pulses of suddenly rising and fading illumination effect on the connected LED. The idea was requested by Mr. Ankit Agarwal Technical Specifications Can you advice on how to make the following circuit A single flashing … Read moreRotating Beacon LED Simulator Circuit

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