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Universal Variable Power Supply Circuit

The presented universal power supply circuit can be used just for anything, you can use it as a solar battery charger, bench power supply, mains battery charger circuit, or for any desired application regardless of the voltage and current range, which are extremely flexible and fully adjustable. Using a Single LM324 as the Main Control … Read moreUniversal Variable Power Supply Circuit

LM317 with Outboard Current Boost Circuit

The popular LM317 voltage regulator IC is designed to deliver not more than 1.5 amps, however by adding an outboard current boost transistor to the circuit it becomes possible to upgrade the regulator circuit to handle much higher currents, and upto any desired levels. You might have already come across the 78XX fixed voltage regulator … Read moreLM317 with Outboard Current Boost Circuit

Make this 3.3V, 5V, 9V SMPS Circuit

Here we learn about a simple switch mode power supply (SMPS) circuit which is capable of delivering 3.3V, 5V, 9V at around 800mA from a Mains input range of 100V to 285V, with a complete isolation. The functioning of the proposed 3.3V, 5V, 9V flyback SMPS Circuit may be understood by going through the following … Read moreMake this 3.3V, 5V, 9V SMPS Circuit

Redundant DC UPS Circuit

The post explains a couple of straightforward redundant UPS circuits for providing a secured uninterruptible power to crucial gadgets such as computer ATX or modems etc. The idea was requested by Mr.  Shayan Firoozi. Circuit Objectives and Requirements There are many products which has 2 input for different power supply,for example one for normal mains,one … Read moreRedundant DC UPS Circuit

12V LED Backpack Power Supply Circuit

In this article we learn to make a simple 12v LED backpack power supply circuit for powering a 36watt LED lamp, which includes appropriately wired integrated sockets for enabling the attachment of external devices such as a regulated battery charger, ammeter, voltmeter etc. The idea was requested by Mr.  Kevin Bates Backpack LED Charger/Driver Firstly, … Read more12V LED Backpack Power Supply Circuit

How Wireless Power Transfer Works

In this post we discuss regarding how wireless power transfer works or the transfer of electricity through air without using wires. You might have already come across this technology and might have gone through many related theories on the Internet. Although the Internet may be full of such articles explaining the concept with examples and … Read moreHow Wireless Power Transfer Works

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