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How to make a Remote Controlled Game Scoreboard Circuit

How to make a Remote Controlled Game Scoreboard Circuit

The post explains how to build a simple remote controlled game scoreboard circuit with two digits for facilitating the user a hassle free changing of the digits remotely, during a game or a match. The idea was requested by Mr. Richard.

Circuit Objectives and Requirements

For our co-ed volleyball game we use manual flip cards {simple 00 to 99 (x2) flip cards}

This is awkward and time consuming, somebody needs to flip the numbers.

If I had a remote controlled display, no time would be wasted flipping numbers.

This is a recreation league with no BIG $ to spend.

Looking for a 2 digit - seven segment display (x2) with the ability to count up and count down (4 buttons)

Similar to this display -

Can I incorporate a 4 button RF transmitter/receiver

The Design

The following figure shows a simple two digit up/down pulse counter circuit which can be used for the above requested application.

The incorporation of the specific digital ICs make the design extremely straightforward to configure and operate for the desired pulse counting display.

The IC1 and IC3 form the actual counter chips, whose BCD outputs are appropriately translated into the required 7 segment digital display outputs.

Circuit Diagram

Remote Controlled Game Scoreboard Circuit

Pin#5 and pin#4 of the 74LS192 are rigged as the UP and DOWN sensing inputs, and the relevant switches when operated allow these pins to get the specified logic zero pulses for displaying the corresponding incrementing or reversing numbers on the associated 7 segment display modules.

The switch at pin#14 of the ICs is used for resetting the displays to zero with a single operation.

Since the proposed digital game scoreboard circuit is supposed to be controlled with a remote control unit, the switches at pin#5, 4 and 14 can be seen replaced with the relay contacts from the remote receiver unit.

Therefore when the compatible or matching buttons on the remote transmitter handset are pressed, the corresponding relay contacts close causing the relevant number to appear on the display board either in the ascending or descending order depending on which button was toggled.

That implies, this remote controlled game scoreboard circuit can be operated using a remote control from anywhere within the stipulated range by any member of the team simply with a press of a button of the transmitter module. And this can be done while the user enjoys the game on his/her preferred place of the ground.

The Remote Control Circuit

The remote control circuit for the discussed digital game scoreboard has been already covered in quite many articles from this website, so I won't be discussing it separately here.

The following 4 channel RF remote control circuit could be applied for the above explained circuit.

Simple RF Remote Control Circuit without Microcontroller

A little pondering reveals that the relays can be actually avoided and the output pins of the receiver RF module could be directly configured with the pin#4, 5 of the of the up/down counter IC, and the reset pin through a NPN buffer.
Alternatively, the 4 channel remote control module could be purchased ready made from the market, and in that case the existing relay contacts in the receiver unit could be wired as already suggested in this article.

The colored lines in the proposed remote controlled game scoreboard diagram indicate how two counter modules are cascaded between each other, more digits could be included by simply cascading more such IC stages in similar fashion.


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  1. Hi Swagatam, thank you for your fast reply.
    I have found the 74LS192 in China and am looing forward to build your circuit.

  2. Hi Swagatam,

    I have difficulties to find the 74LS247.
    Can the 74LS192 and the 74LS247 be replaced by CD4510 and CD4511 or other CD40xx?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Henrik, 74LS247 can be replaced with 4511 but 74LS192 cannot be replaced with 4510 because the two are entirely different type of ICs….74LS192 does not depend on a separate clock input for the counting, whereas 4510 does require.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have been working on the mosquito swatter bat circuit and I have rigged up the circuit in LTspice. Please guide me in how to test the circuit and also the turns of transfromer.

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