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Free 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Lightning in skies is the phenomenon which proves beyond doubt that free electrical energy could be there in abundant quantities all around us. Power of Thunder Lightening A typical lightning bolt could carry thousands of amps and volts enough to power a small city for many months. All intellectuals such as the CEOs of oil … Read moreFree 200 Volts Just Above your Head

Making a Self-Powered Generator

Who wouldn’t like to see a self-powered motor generator running at home and powering the desired appliances non-stop, absolutely free of cost. We discuss the details of a few such circuits in this article. A free energy enthusiast from South Africa who doesn’t want to reveal his name has generously shared the details of his … Read moreMaking a Self-Powered Generator


Inverter/Converter Best small power inverter circuits from 50 watt to 5000 watts. Get 220V AC or 120V AC from any lead acid battery rated from 12V to 48V with appropriate Ah rating. Battery Charger Automatic Battery charger circuits for all types of batteries. Constant current, constant voltage, high and low voltage automatic cut-off, Fully adjustable … Read moreHome

Videos – Circuit Test Results

 3:22 How to Test a Mosfet with a Multimeter 6 views 6 hours ago  0:48 Simple Arduino Siren Circuit 6 views 1 day ago  1:25 Simple Laser Remote Control Circuit 30 views 1 day ago  1:13 Simple Mosfet Timer Delay Circuit 15 views 1 day ago  2:05 Simple Continuity Tester using Transistors 7 views 1 … Read moreVideos – Circuit Test Results

8X Overunity from Joule Thief – Proven Design

In this post we learn about a unique 8x overunity circuit quite resembling a joule thief design which was created by one of the noted researcher Professor Steven E. Jones while experimenting with a simple overunity concept. 8x more Output from a Simple Joule Thief Circuit While developing this overunity circuit he was amazed to … Read more8X Overunity from Joule Thief – Proven Design

How to Generate Electricity with Piezo Mat

In this post we learn a method to harvest free electricity from a  piezo embedded mat by walking on it, and try to investigate how this energy may be used for charging a small battery. Normally a human body carries a huge amount of energy which simply gets wasted in our regular day to day … Read moreHow to Generate Electricity with Piezo Mat

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