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High Voltage Transistor MJ11021(PNP) MJ11022 (NPN) Datasheet – Complementary Pair

MJ11021(PNP) MJ11022 (NPN) are high voltage complementary pair Darlington transistors suitable for all applications that involve high voltage high current such as in motor control, inverters, etc.

Let's understand the datasheet and the main specifications of the devices:

Main Electrical Features

  1. MJ11021(PNP) MJ11022 (NPN) are 250V, 15 amp complementary Darlington transistors
  2. Being Darlington by nature, the devices exhibit a high Dc current gain, typically at 10amp, the hFe could be at least 400
  3. The collector to emitter continuously voltage handling capacity is minimum 250V
  4. Low saturating voltage requirement for collector emitter, at around 1V when current is @ 5amps.
  5. The devices are SOA verified @ 44V VCE and 4 amp current for 250ms
  6. These are manufactured without any Pb content.

Pinout Diagram

Maximum Ratings of the MJ11021(PNP) MJ11022 (NPN) transistors are as given under

Collector−Emitter Voltage VCEO 250 Vdc

Collector−Base Voltage VCBO 250 Vdc

Emitter−Base Voltage VEBO 50 Vdc

Collector Current − Continuous 15amps

DC Peak 30amps DC

Base Current IB 0.5 Adc

Total Power Dissipation PD 175 Watts @ TC = 25°C

Derate Above 25°C 1.16W/°C

Operating and Storage Junction TJ,

Tstg –65 to +175Temperature Range − 65 to +200°C

The above are those figures which may not be exceeded under any situation in order to prevent permanet damage to the devices.


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