52277 17398 4 - Contactless Sensors - Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

Contactless Sensors – Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

The article discusses a few highly advanced contactles sensors such as infrared sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, light sensor which can be used for crucial and sensitive industrial applications, and manufacturing plants.

Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the growth of its industry-leading sensing
integrated circuits with the inclusion of 4 innovative products that may empower technical engineers to precisely detect crucial environmental variables in restricted areas
using surprisingly low electric power.

These new releases present alternatives
for temperature, humidity, ambient light and capacitive sensing for many crucial industrial and business applications.

Contactless, Infrared
Temperature Sensing (Thermopile Sensor)

52277 17398 4 1 - Contactless Sensors - Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

The TMP007 is a exceptionally integrated, noncontact
infrared (IR) temperature sensor, becoming a member of TI’s group of the world’s
tiniest thermopile detectors.

This new sensor comes with a built-in math computer, that executes computations on-chip to get immediate reading of the specific target’s temperature, and presents low power utilization of only 675 uJ for each  of the

Having dimensions of only 1.9 mm by 1.9 mm by 0.625 mm, the TMP007
makes it possible for developers to keep track of temperature in
space-constrained manufacturing applications, such as protection relays and
process management equipment, along with other manufacturing and construction
automation applications, in addition to enterprise equipment, like laser
printers and network servers.

Integrated Humidity and Temperature

HDC1000 01 1 - Contactless Sensors - Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

Designers who intend to build control equipment can easily carry
out precise, energy-saving environment control in modest areas, whereas
developers of household gadgets and client items can simply put moisture sensing
features for their items using the HDC1000 integrated humidity and temperature

TI’s humidity sensor delivers high precision and lower power inside a
little, dust-resistant casing.

The HDC1000 makes use of just one.2 uA of average
current while calculating relative humidity and temperature at 11-bit
resolution, once for every second. This outstandingly low current helps prolong battery life in remote and distant applications.

The sensor’s 2.0-mm by 1.6-mm wafer grade chip size packet (WLCSP) streamlines panel design and lowers process size.

the revolutionary placement of the sensing component in the base of the unit
offers prevention to dirt, dirt along with other ecological

Accurate Ambient Light Recognition

s l300 1 - Contactless Sensors - Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

The OPT3001 is a
accurate ambient light sensor internally adjusted to carefully reproduce the
human eye’s photopic reaction.

Having its industry-leading spectral effect, the
sensor has the ability to supply more than 99 % IR rejection, to produce steady
light metering irrespective of the source of light.

Using just a 2.0 mm by 2.0 mm by 0.65
mm space, it works with just 1.6 V at standard operating current of 2 uA, this
ambient light sensor could be utilized for numerous sorts battery-powered

Furthermore, the OPT3001 allows you to work with more than a 23-bit dynamic range, offering developers the substantial resolution necessary
for business lighting effects control and construction and factory automation

This newest ambient light sensor works with with TI’s Sensor Hub

High-end Capacitive Sensing

fdc1004 capacitance converter breakout board 1 - Contactless Sensors - Infrared, Temperarture/Humidity, Capacitive, Light

The four-channel FDC1004
capacitance-to-digital converter brings together distinctive attributes and
operates with low power and 16-bit noise performance, spanning a range of +/-15
pF, making it easy for architects to make use of capacitive sensing to improve
the intellect and understanding of their devices.

The product includes an offset
capacitance up to 100 pF, making it possible for remote sensing in severe
situations or in places where normal electronics may have the tendency to fail.

It provides a
solid shield driver to enable reduce interference, to enable aim the sensing target accurately and for lowering the effect of temperature disparities on process efficiency.

The FDC1004 can be utilized in numerous programs such as proximity wake-up
sensing, material research and liquid level sensing. You can use it with
microcontrollers (MCUs), including the ultra-low-power MSP430™ MCUs.

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