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High Current Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller using Back EMF

High current sensorless BLDC controller using IC ML4425

In this post we discuss a high current sensorless BLDC motor controller circuit which does not depend on hall effect sensors for initiating the operations rather utilizes the back EMF from the motor for the sequential input Overview For proper commutation most 3-phase BLDC driver circuits rely either on a sensor based feedback or from … Read moreHigh Current Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller using Back EMF

Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

In this post we investigate what’s a BLDC motor and subsequently we learn regarding the design of a sensorless BLDC motor driver circuit. BLDC CPU Fans Seen those fast moving fans in CPUs, voltage stabilizers, DVD players, and other similar equipment, which work with utmost efficiency, consuming minimum space, current and yet are able to … Read moreSensorless BLDC Motor Driver Circuit

Electric Wheelchair using BLDC Motor

high quality potentiometer for speed control

In this post we learn how to make a simple electric wheelchair using a standard BLDC motor driver circuit, and a couple of high power BLDC motors. Introduction The introduction of electric wheelchair was like a boon to our many differently-abled friends who now find it much easier to move and travel around, effortlessly,  with … Read moreElectric Wheelchair using BLDC Motor

Circuit Diagram for 50V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver

50V BLDC motor controller using L6235 IC module

This yet another versatile 3-phase driver device in the form of IC L6235  from ST Microelectronics allows you to drive a 50V 3-phase BLDC motor with extreme efficiency.The chip also includes all the required protection features built-in, along with an easy to configure external speed control stage. How the IC L6235 BLDC Driver Works The IC … Read moreCircuit Diagram for 50V 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver

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