LC Oscillator Working and Circuit Diagram Details

In this post we are going to understand how LC oscillator circuits functions and we will be constructing one of the popular LC based oscillator – Colpitts oscillator. What are Oscillators Electronic oscillators are used in most of our daily used electronic gadgets ranging from digital clock to high end core i7 processor. Oscillators are … Read moreLC Oscillator Working and Circuit Diagram Details

Sine Wave Inverter using Bubba Oscillator Circuit

In this post we learn how to make a simple sine wave inverter using bubba oscillator sine wave generator. The idea ws requested by Mr. Ritwik Naudiyal. Technical Specifications  I am a 4th year B.Tech Student Electrical Eng. We are trying to make pure wave sine wave inverter using PWM and bubba oscillator for our … Read moreSine Wave Inverter using Bubba Oscillator Circuit

Beat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) Metal Detector Circuit

The post explains a simple metal detector circuit using the beat frequency oscillator (BFO) concept, the BFO technique is considered to be the most accurate and reliable methods of detecting metals. How it Works The circuit functioning may be understood with the following points: The proposed metal detector uses a 4093 quad Schmitt NAND IC … Read moreBeat Frequency Oscillator (BFO) Metal Detector Circuit

Loud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

pistol sound simulator circuit

A pistol sound generator circuit presented here can be used as button operated starting sound during racing events or marathons, or simply to deter wild animals and thieves in remote areas. The concept could be also effectively applied in festivals such as Diwali for creating loud artificial bursting cracker sound (noise pollution is bad for … Read moreLoud Pistol Sound Simulator Circuit

How Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) Work

In this post we will elaborately discuss the working and the internal construction of a cathode ray oscilloscope. We will also learn how to use a CRO using the various controls and understand the graphical representations of the various input signals on the display screen of the scope. Introduction We know that majority of the … Read moreHow Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes (CRO) Work