Build this Mosquito Bat without Battery

This simple homemade mosquito swatter bat neither requires a circuit nor a battery for the operation. The entire design works using a single high voltage capacitor and through quick charging from mains AC socket. (Designed by me) Introduction In a few of my earlier posts I have discussed how to make mosquito zappers using the … Read moreBuild this Mosquito Bat without Battery

How Crank Flashlights Work

How to make a crank flashlight circuit

A crank flashlight basically works by hand cranking a permanent magnet motor, which generates electricity for illuminating the attached LEDs. Motor Becomes a Generator Normally, a permanent magnet motor is used for executing a rotational movement by applying a DC potential across its specified supply terminals. However we also know that the same motor can … Read moreHow Crank Flashlights Work

BLDC Ceiling Fan Circuit for Power Saving

L6235 IC based BLDC motor controller circuit

Within the next few years we may find all conventional capacitor-start type of ceiling fans getting replaced with BLDC ceiling fan circuits, since the concept allows the operation to be extremely efficient and save power by more than 50%. Replacing Capacitor Start Fan with BLDC Fan Just as the traditional incandescent lamps today are almost … Read moreBLDC Ceiling Fan Circuit for Power Saving

PIR Triggered Message Player Circuit

In this post we diagnose a PIR activated message player circuit, which was sent by Mr. Norman Kelley one of the dedicated followers of this blog for improvements. Let’s learn more about the design through the following discussions. Triggering Message Playback with a PIR Input I have been working on a project for about a … Read morePIR Triggered Message Player Circuit

Surge Arrestor Circuit with Measuring Facility

In this post we learn about a simple surge voltage protector circuit using a fuse and a triac crowbar circuit and also learn the method to record and measure the last maximum surge that could have destroyed the specified load in case the protection was not introduced. The idea was requested by Mr. Akram. Circuit … Read moreSurge Arrestor Circuit with Measuring Facility

How to Build a Simple Cloth Dryer for Rainy Season

The post explains a simple homemade electric cloth dryer circuit using iron heater coil assembly which can be used for drying clothes at home during rainy season or overcast conditions. The idea was requested by Mr. Nelson. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I have read through some of the topics explained at your website and highly … Read moreHow to Build a Simple Cloth Dryer for Rainy Season

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