Learning Basics of Semiconductors

In this post we comprehensively learn regarding the fundamental working principles of semiconductor devices, and how the internal structure of semiconductors function under the influence of electricity. The resistivity value between these semiconductor materials neither has a complete conductor characteristic nor a complete insulator, it is in between these two limits. This feature may define … Read moreLearning Basics of Semiconductors

Learning Basic Arduino Programming – Tutorial for the Newcomers

LED with Arduino

In this tutorial we learn how to do basic Arduino programming through example codes and sample programs. This tutorial can be an extremely valuable course for all the newcomers who wish to grasp the basics through easy, understandable language. Introduction According to wikipedia a microcontroller is equivalent to a mini computer built inside a single … Read moreLearning Basic Arduino Programming – Tutorial for the Newcomers

Relay Pinout Connection and Working Details

In this post we learn comprehensively regarding how relay works in electronic circuits, how to identify its pinouts of any relay through a meter and connect in circuits. Introduction Whether it’s for flashing a lamp, for switching AC motor or for other similar operations, relays are the best in the business. However young electronic enthusiasts … Read moreRelay Pinout Connection and Working Details

Understanding PID Controller

The first successful assessment of PID control theory was practically verified in the field of automatic steering systems for ships, way back around the year 1920. After this it was applied in various industrial automatic process controls requiring optimized and accurate manufacturing output specifications. For manufacturing units PID was popularly implemented for achieving precise pneumatic … Read moreUnderstanding PID Controller

Understanding Pull-Up and Pull-Down Resistors with Diagrams and Formulas

In this post we are going to explore pull-Up resistor and pull-down resistor, why they are commonly used in electronic circuits, what happens to electronic circuits without Pull-Up or Pull-down resistor, and How to calculate Pull-Up and Pull-down resistor values and finally we will see about open collector configuration. By Arduino Guru How Logic Inputs … Read moreUnderstanding Pull-Up and Pull-Down Resistors with Diagrams and Formulas

Digital Buffer – Working, Definition, Truth Table, Double Inversion, Fan-out

digital buffer

In this post we will try to understand what digital buffers are, and we will be taking a look at its definition, symbol, truth table, double inversion using logic “NOT” gate, digital buffer fan out fan in, tri-state buffer, tri state buffer switch equivalent, Active “HIGH” tri-state buffer, Active “HIGH” inverting tri-state buffer, Active “LOW” … Read moreDigital Buffer – Working, Definition, Truth Table, Double Inversion, Fan-out

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