Bluetooth Car Ignition Lock Circuit – Keyless Car Protection

This circuit will allow the user to lock his car ignition using his phone Bluetooth, meaning the ignition can be locked/unlocked only through a specific code from the user’s cellphone Bluetooth. Overview In one of my earlier posts I have already explained how to hack a Bluetooth headset and use it for any desired switching … Read moreBluetooth Car Ignition Lock Circuit – Keyless Car Protection

Motorcycle Accident Alarm Circuit

In this post we learn how to make an useful motorcycle accident alarm circuit for sending alarm signal to the distant population in an event of an accident, especially if it happens in a relatively lonely area. The idea was requested by Mr. Rayan D’souza. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I want a circuit that has … Read moreMotorcycle Accident Alarm Circuit

Speed Dependent Brake Light Circuit

The post explains an innovative brake light circuit using speed detection of the vehicle which could be a motorcycle. The circuit implements an advanced brake light switch ON ensuring a much safer riding experience for the user. The idea was requested by Mr. Rayan. Circuit Objectives and Requirements I have an idea, usually brake lights … Read moreSpeed Dependent Brake Light Circuit

Motorcycle SCR Shunt Regulator Circuit

The circuit presented here is a Rectifier plus Regulator for a 3-Phase charging system of Motorcycles. The rectifier is full-wave and the regulator is shunt-type regulator. By: Abu Hafss  Motorcycle Battery Charging System A motorcycle’s charging system is different from that on cars. The voltage alternator or generator on cars are electro-magnet type which are … Read moreMotorcycle SCR Shunt Regulator Circuit

Over Voltage Protection for Automotive Load Dump

The post explains an over voltage cut-off protection circuit in the form of automotive dump load for protecting sensitive and sophisticated modern automotive electronics from transient DC electrical spikes emanating in vehicle electrical. Transient bus voltages are a significant risk factor to integrated circuits. The maximum breakdown voltage that an integrated circuit may be specified … Read moreOver Voltage Protection for Automotive Load Dump

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