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55V 110A N-Channel Mosfet IRF3205 Datasheet

55V 110A N-Channel Mosfet IRF3205 Datasheet

The following post explains the main features of mosfet IRF3205 which is fundamentally rated with drain current at a massive 110 Amps, and voltage ranging up to 55V, ideally suitable for inverter, motor control, choppers, and converter applications.

Main Features

The IRF3205 leading-edge N-Channel HEXFET® Power MOSFETs from International Rectifier implements hi-tech processing solutions to attain incredibly minimal on-resistance per silicon space.

This advantage, along with the rapid converting rate and ruggedized system layout that HEXFET power MOSFETs are popular for, offers the developer with an exceptionally cost-efficient and dependable product to be used in an array of programs.

The TO-220 bundle is globally favored for most of commercial-industrial purposes at power dissipation stages to around 50 watts. The minimal thermal resistance and reduced packet price of the TO-220 play a role to its extensive recognition all through the market.

Technical Specifications

It's technical specifications may be understood with the following data:

  • Continuous Drain Current, VGS @ 10V = 110 A
  • Pulsed Drain Current = 390 A
  • At 25°C Power Dissipation = 200 W
  • Linear Derating Factor = 1.3 W/°C
  • Gate-to-Source Voltage = ± 20 V
  • Avalanche Current = 62 A
  • Repetitive Avalanche Energy = 20 mJdv/dt
  • Peak Diode Recovery dv/dt = 5.0 V/ns
  • Operating Junction and Soldering Temperature, for 10 seconds = 300 (1.6mm from case )°CYou may refer to the original datasheet for more info

Pinout Details

The pinout details of the mosfet IRF3205 can be witnessed in the below shown image:

Holding the device straight with its printed side towards you, the left side pin will be the gate, the center will be the drain, while the right side pinout will be the source of the mosfet

A Typical Application

Making a simple 500 to 5000 watt inverter using IRF3205 mosfet.

A fifty watt inverter discussed in one of my previous posts can be easily turned into a massive 500 watt inverter by simply replacing its MOSFETs by the above type.

Refer to the following link for the required circuit diagram, just use the IRF3205 for the mosfets, 24-0-24V /30A transformer and 24V 200AH battery.

The inverter can be made to produce upto 5kva if the transformer voltage is increased to 50-0-50V/100amps.



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  1. Hello sir Mr Swagatam.

    Thank you for your great help with designs and written instructions for the different circuits that you post for us. Please I need clarification here sir. I have built a circuit on one of your inverter designs, that’s the driver stage, but when I connect the center tap of the transformer to the batt positive I get a big spark even if I use thick wires. The mosfets I’m using are IRF3205. Am I correct that the problem may be that the gate voltage from the totem poles os to low because the MOSFETs are connected directly to the driver stage via a 10k resistor. Am I correct to assume that if I integrate TIP35C before the MOSFETs I could be able to switch the mosfets on because I think the MOSFETs linger in the linear mode as they fail to switch because of low gate voltage thefore heat up quiclky. The connected load lights up for a second or so before the connection wire heating up such that it becomes impossible to hold it. Please help me here as I unfortunately don’t have any testing means.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Mthokozisi, which invetrer design did you build? By the way none of my inverter circuits are designed to produce low voltage for the mosfet gates. Mostly mosfets will abnormally heat up if the oscillator circuit is not working, or if some wrong connection is present.

      please show me the link of the circuit I’ll try to help

  2. Hello, my name is Richard. I am designing an inverter of 2kva working with 12-24v,how many irfp3205 should I use

  3. i have used irf 1404 and irf 1405,its so great and less rds on
    also irfb4110 is great too but i didn't tried it yet.

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