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Making a Time Machine – Concept Explored

Wondering how to travel in time? Learn it with great Sir Stephen Hawking, according to whom time warp may be an option but seems pretty impractical, the reason being the feed back loop which will just oppose the feasibility of making a time machine and the concept using this theory.

Are you intrigued by the stories of "time travel." Then probably you are looking for a blueprint to build a time machine. The guidelines presented by sir Stephen Hawking regarding a time machine would certainly help you out.

Building a Time Machine

According to Stephen Hawking time walk seems hypothetically feasible using a wormhole. Wormhole in simple words may be described as a short-cut passage into the future or into the past of one’s life.

However, Hawking says that even if it becomes a reality in the near future, one drastic contradiction will never allow time walk possible especially moving into the past.

A highly contradictory aspect called the feedback loop will just oppose the happening and make the phenomenon impossible.

As the name suggests, feedback loop may be explained as an occurrence of a negative looping that would oppose or cancel out the phenomenon from taking place or from flourishing.

Consider for a second that you have a time machine and use it to travel a couple of years back in time. You see yourself in the past (two years ago).

However, you think of a weird experiment and try killing yourself in the past. Using a pistol your present form shoots your past. But the moment your past form is killed your “present” instantly ceases to exist! ……….but that’s absurd, if you are already killed two years back then who was this “you” who killed you in the past?

This “looping” becomes very contradictory and convincingly opposes the possibility of wormhole time walk theory.
However, to build a time machine for travelling into the future though sounds pretty unreal, the various calculations involved has definitely produced some intriguing and positive results.

Stephen Hawking says that gravity plays an important role in slowing down time (this baffles me), the greater the mass of an object rather a heavenly body, the slower time moves in its vicinity.

Just as the speed of water flow is different at different positions in a river or a water canal, the speed of time may also be different around different masses, depending upon its size and weight.

We all know about the ancient pyramids, they are massive, weighing more than 80 million kgs.

The huge mass astonishingly slows down time around it compared to places which are far away from it (again baffling).

Surprisingly, people situated very close to the pyramid will see far away things moving rather swiftly compared to things which are around them or the pyramid.

Next page unravels more facts that would help us to build a time machine.

Time Machine and Speed of Light

The highly illusive thought regarding how to travel in time using a time machine never stops our scientists from delving into newer fascinations and experiments.

Let’s read on: The fact that mass affects time speed is exactly the reason why our satellites which are relatively away from earth than us experiences a difference in the speed of time (albeit very marginal) and requires constant setting.

On the basis of the above theory, Stephen Hawking assumes that it can be quite possible to put a halt in your aging process by travelling in space around something that may awesomely huge in mass.

In the future if scientists succeed in making superfast airships that would carry them quickly to our nearest black hole (weighing 4 million times greater than our sun), then surely once they reach close to it (and circle it for a certain calculated times and then return to earth, for the astronauts the passage of time would show probably just the half than what has passed on earth – they have landed in the future world on earth.

Another assumption by Stephen Hawking states that if we move almost at the speed of light (which is the fastest figure yardstick existing in universe) we can slow down time around us drastically (never understood this).

In a classic example Stephen Hawking fantasizes a truly intriguing set-up. Suppose a super advanced railway track is built encircling the earth end-to-end.

Hopefully we also build a train and make it to run over this track at a speed quite close to the speed of light (because quantum physics states that says nothing can equal speed of light).

Now suppose after some calculated revolutions the train comes to a halt.

The passengers come out of the train and are astonished to witness a world that’s probably moved a 100 years ahead in the future, that’s because time inside the train moved about 100 times slower than outside it on earth due to its proximity to the speed of light.

Another baffling aspect that would occur is: physical laws would never allow the passengers to run even at their normal speeds inside the train while it was in motion, simply because that would make their overall speed on earth greater than the speed of light (boggling stuff).

Everything inside the train would happen in a rather slow-motion (time warped).

Seems quite remote though, let’s hope our near future finds a solution and positively solves our quest regarding how to make a time machine.


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