Solar Drip Irrigation Circuit for Indoor Gardens

The post explains a water level controller circuit which can be used for implementing an unmanned continuous drip irrigation to a home based garden. The idea was requested by Mr. Sandipan. Technical Specifications I’m implementing a drip irrigation for my balcony garden. One part of it is to automatic fill water a 5 liter/10 liter … Read moreSolar Drip Irrigation Circuit for Indoor Gardens

Simplest Windmill Generator Circuit

The post explains how to make a simple windmill generator circuit which can be used for charging batteries, or for operating any desired electrical equipment, all through day and night, free of cost. Solar Panel vs Windmill One of the biggest drawback of solar panel electricity is that it’s available only during the day time … Read moreSimplest Windmill Generator Circuit

PWM Solar Battery Charger Circuit

This simple, enhanced, 5V zero drop PWM solar battery charger circuit can be used in conjunction with any solar panel for charging cellphones or cell phone batteries in multiple numbers quickly, basically the circuit is capable of charging any battery whether Li-ion or Lead acid which may be within the 5V range. Using TL494 for … Read morePWM Solar Battery Charger Circuit

MPPT vs Solar Tracker – Differences Explored

The post investigates two popular solar harnessing counterparts the MPPT and the solar tracker, and figures out the major differences between these two outstanding free energy spinning devices. It’s true that our planet is blessed with many free energy sources such as wind energy, hydro energy, sun or solar energy etc but unless these are … Read moreMPPT vs Solar Tracker – Differences Explored

Smart Solar Cellphone Charger Circuit

The article comprehensively discusses a MPPT based smart solar cell phone charger circuit. The idea was requested by one of the avid readers of this blog. Technical Specifications I am an electric and electronics final year student. My final year project title is smart solar charger for cellular phones. i was hoping sir can help … Read moreSmart Solar Cellphone Charger Circuit

Optimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

The post discusses a circuit method which may be used to automatically switch and adjust the stronger counterpart amongst the solar panel, battery and the grid such that the load always gets the optimized power for an interrupted error for operations. The idea was requested by Mr. Raj. Technical Specifications Your projects/ circuits on are truely inspirational … Read moreOptimizing Grid, Solar Electricity with Inverter

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