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How to Convert Voltage to Frequency

The IC VFC32 is an advanced voltage to frequency converter device from BURR-BROWN specifically designed to produce an extremely proportional frequency response to the fed input voltage for a given voltage to frequency converter circuit application. How the Device Functions If the input voltage varies, the output frequency follows this and varies proportionately with a … Read moreHow to Convert Voltage to Frequency

How to Measure Gain (β) of a BJT

In this post we’ll study a simple opamp circuit design which can be applied for measuring the beta or the forward current gain of a particular BJT in question. What is beta (β) The beta (β) is the forward current gain that every BJT inherently possesses. It determines the efficiency of the particular device in terms … Read moreHow to Measure Gain (β) of a BJT

Analogue Water Flow Sensor/Meter Circuit – Check Water Flow Rate

The post explains a simple water flow meter/sensor circuit using hall effect sensor and a pulse counter circuit. Referring to the diagram shown below, we can see an arrangement consisting of a circular enclosure having a couple of pipes drilled in and a circular turbine shaped wheel installed inside the enclosure. How it Works The … Read moreAnalogue Water Flow Sensor/Meter Circuit – Check Water Flow Rate

Simple ESR Meter Circuit

The post discusses a simple ESR meter circuit which can be used for identifying bad capacitors in an electronic circuit without removing them practically from the circuit board. The idea was requested by Manual Sofian Technical Specifications Do you have a schematic about ESR meter. Technicians recommend me to check the electrolytic first every time … Read moreSimple ESR Meter Circuit

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