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About Us

Brief Introduction Homemade circuits was founded in the year 2011 by Swagatam, initially it was started in blogger.com and then migrated to wordpress. Prior to this the author used to work as a content writer in Brighthub. Homemade circuits was started with an aim to share and spread the knowledge of electronic concepts freely among … Read moreAbout Us

PIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

The post explains a simple circuit using Passive Infrared or PIR for making an automatic solar LED lamp which can be used for illuminating your home automatically at sunset, and only in the presence of a human member in the premise. By SS Kopparthy Introduction Here, in this article, a simple yet useful and improved version … Read morePIR Solar Home Lighting Circuit

LM35 Pinout, Datasheet, Application Circuit

The post explains how to make an LM35 application circuit by understanding its datasheet, pinouts and other technical specifications. By: SS kopparthy LM35 Main Specifications The IC LM35 is a temperature measuring device that looks like a transistor (most popular package is TO-92 package). This device is found in most of the circuits that need … Read moreLM35 Pinout, Datasheet, Application Circuit

Make this SleepWalk Alert – Protect yourself from Sleepwalking Dangers

Do you have a habit of walking in night? Well, that habit isn’t that good, so one must try to get rid of it gradually. This article discusses a simple sleep walk alert circuit that might help you in getting out of this habit. By: SS Kopparthy Circuit Objective This circuit is a simple idea … Read moreMake this SleepWalk Alert – Protect yourself from Sleepwalking Dangers

Electronic Component Buying Guide for New Hobbyists

Are you a beginner to electronics? Then here are few guidelines which might help you to buy some really useful components, so that you are always for an electronic and are never short of some crucial component.. OBJECTIVE: Not only for beginners, this will also help other hobbyists to buy some most commonly used components. … Read moreElectronic Component Buying Guide for New Hobbyists